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Best bang-for-buck purchase you have made?
NOTHING! --- I pay through the nose for everything! :) 
Lyra Titan i with a Manley Steelhead....settings??
Hey, cjfrbw.....just to confirm, I have been experimenting and am finding I like that 25 ohm Z setting. It just brings the cartridge alive, especially in the bass. Adding more seems to lean it out. (But, I didn't understand how you equated the 5.5... 
Lyra Titan i with a Manley Steelhead....settings??
Yes, thanks to Mark and Cjf....I have now set the Manley/Titan on the MC inputs, and the controls are MUCH more active/interactive.I do indeed now hear large differences in the control changes...Mark...thanks for the "insight" into what exactly I'... 
Lyra Titan i with a Manley Steelhead....settings??
Thanks, Cjfrbw....you sound well versed in using these combinations. I will try the MC inputs as you suggest and change some of the settings.John 
Tannoy Speakers
I'm incredibly happy with my Tannoy D-700's. Have added the supertweeter and a good subwoofer to complete the range. Running LOTS of power with bi-amping and Bi-wiring for 350 watts to each DRIVER as a result.Highly recommend them, and they come c... 
Jena Labs - Any experience?
Thanks, guys....I just bought that 1.5m run of Jena Symphony on Audiogon and look forward to trying it out vs. the Valhalla on the cd player.....will be looking to replace those preamp to amp connections with the same.....$$$$ WOW! 
Jena Labs - Any experience?
What level Jena cable would I have to get to compete/better the performance of a Nordost Valhalla?? 
Analysis Plus Crystal ovals vs. Nordost Valhalla??
The 1.5m Crystal Ovals w RCA are still for sale on Audiogon. Make an offer if you are interested. 
Best Find Ever???
I don't know if I could have done that.What else was she selling? LOL 
"notched" records....what's the story?
Thanks, everyone....I've been jumping on "unopened, still-sealed" listings for LP's after several instances of buying "mint" used records of supposedly MFSL audiophile quality, that are 'scratchy' when played.Aggressive cleaning (VPI machine w/RRL... 
Frequency Response of L.P's
So, getting back to the original topic, then LP is the 'superior' recording medium because it will reproduce music in more extented frequencies than CD is capable of?Is this correct? 
Frequency Response of L.P's
Why then, (a little unrelated) does the Avalon Eidelon Diamond series speaker boast a supertweeter that goes to 100Khz? The 'regular' Eidelon goes up to about 40Khz.How high is the regular CD player capable of ??...... vs a phono cartridge??How hi... 
Pre-amp cables of different length? Or not??
Nrchy, I am vertically bi-amping with 2 channel amps. (MC352)One amp for the left speaker, one amp for the right.Then bi-wiring the speakers, so each driver has its own channel and speaker cable feeding it.This way, however, requires me to feed ea... 
Best Find Ever???
That settles it...I'm never getting married (again)!! 
Review: Cardas Golden Reference Interconnect
oOOOOps. Please disregard my above post. It was for Golden CROSS, not Golden REFERENCE.