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Do I 'Hafta' clean a brand new audiophile LP?
What first sentence? 
Groove Glide usage question....why 2 pads?
Here's the response from the manufacturer when I emailed them with this question.______________________________hank you for your interest and for being a GRUV-GLIDE user. Glad you like it. To answer your question, one cannot, with certainty, accom... 
Review: Cardas Golden Reference Interconnect
I've had a pair of Golden Cross between the CD (Linn Ikemi) player and the pre-amp (McIntosh C100) and we A/b compared with Analysis Plus Crystal Oval.... the Analysis Plus had all the warmth but allowed a lot more detail, too. Listening to some C... 
Tonearm cable recommendations
Thanks for the responses. Dogeatpuppy, I liked your idea of rewiring but it would defeat the anti-skating function of my VPI JMW arm... it uses that wire coming out of the tonearm to supply anti-skating force.I looked through Music Direct's catalo... 
Did I damage my cartridge?
In 'cleaning' my zerodust, it doesn't seem to be as sticky any more. What's up with that?John 
VTA setting up.....how do I find level?
Thank You for these resources.Lots and lots of reading to do.John 
Album which you have listened to most?
Hey Quad,I bought 'making music' and also 'primal magic'.... So, you see, these posts do get some action because of what we type.... I would never have know about these otherwise.Good music.John 
Tube or SS preamp use with SS amp???
Vallyplastic,I run a Mac C100 connected to two MC352's via XLR cabling throughout, to keep it all balanced as that is one of the 'special' features of these components in that they keep the signal separated throughout each stage, never mixed. (doe... 
Which components knocked you out on first listen?
Replaced my monster cable speaker wire with TMC gold (20 ft runs) and replaced the MC300 with two MC352's in a biwired and biamped system into the same speakers....Tannoy D-700's.Didn't get any sleep that night. Quantum leap! Giddy with delight! 
Best Find Ever???
Was sitting at a big birthday party dinner gathering when one guy asked his brother if he wanted his old stereo as it was "too big" for the new house and his wife wanted a Bose. (Whatever!) Well, I hadn't gotten my girlfriend anything for Christma... 
Album which you have listened to most?
Yes, Privateparty....you just said what I was thinking.This thread shows the many variety of tastes out there.On a similar thread a while ago, 'everyone' mentioned Peter Gabriel's "UP" album. Welllll, I just hadda have it! Bought it....put it in t... 
How many audiophiles bi wire their speakers????
My apologies that the Cary article isn't there any more....it's been a little over a year since I copied it off their website...if I have the time I will transcribe it onto this thread.John 
I'm scratching my records
Thank you for the suggestions. I have found that my tracking force was only 1.5G, this for a Lyra Helikon that recommends 1.6 to 1.75G! So, I have now upped the force to 1.7G and the stylus seems to stay put better. Also, the distortion I was hear... 
How many audiophiles bi wire their speakers????
Anyone wanting to read a good explanation of Vertical Bi-Amplification should go to:http://www.caryaudio.com/html/biamping/htmlTo sum it up:1. One stereo amp per channel, equals 4 channels of amplification2. Each stereo amp is dedicated to one cha... 
How many audiophiles bi wire their speakers????
I have some Tannoy D-700's. Started off at first with only one McIntosh amp and regular wiring. Bought some high end speaker cables and BIG sonic improvement! Bi-wiring made no noticeable sonic improvement.Bought 'another' MC352 amp and "verticall...