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"must have" accessories for TT and LP?
Is there a book or a source for learning turntable/cartidge setup? 
If I sell Pioneer/buy Aries, hear BIG difference?
Well I DID IT!Got a used (audiogon) Aries extended w/JMW 12.5.Still setting it up, and am waiting for Symposium Ultra platform to put it on....Thanks, guys. 
Electrical lines from fusebox to Amps--Upgrading?
Here is the email Frank sent me, that you all wanted a copy of.....John, the twisting helps the inductance and the conduit provides superior shielding. I have Romex (albeit 12 gauge) in my other 2 dedicated lines and I can tell the difference with... 
Anyone ever have claims for damage with UPS?
You just gotta double-box and anticipate the handling it's gonna receive....pack your precious item to survive it.Funny story... I was home, expecting arrival of a McIntosh MC300 power amp (75 pounder). Well, when the "Brown Santa Claus" pulled up...