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Question about Tone Controls + Equalizers
I use a soundcraftsman octave equalizer in my system. It is 80's analog, but it gives me the ability to adjust, albeit imperfectly, for a given recording/signal source. Cassettes tend to be a little weak in the high-end, while some vinyl is overly... 
Albums that you listen to straight through / start to finish whenever you put them on!
Lessee...Anything by Pat Metheny, Gabor Szabo, Sadao WatanabeSteely Dan - Aja, Cant Buy a ThrillBruce Hornsby and the Range - Thats The Way It IsAnd too many others to list 
Help me understand John Coltrane .... seriously.
Coltrane gave me an appreciation for Miles.I saw Davis play towards the end of his career as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Good lord was he awful! I swore i would never listen to anything related to Miles again. EVER! Fast forward to 2... 
Safe and Sound Audio experience
@millercarbon - thank you for your douche-baggery. I am sure it will come in handy sometime. 
Guest suddenly takes it upon herself to move my speakers
Years ago i was speaker shopping at a stereo store in The University DIstrict (UW) in Seattle, WA. I cant remember the name of the store, but the salesperson was showing a pair of Ohm Model Fs to a potential buyer. The salesperson went to tip the ... 
Which is better.
@ishkabibil - The emotiva looks like a good unit. For $600.00, it is a bit of a stretch budget wise, but that isnt a bad stretch. Like the old saying goes, if you have to ask, you cant afford it. 
How old to qualify for vintage?
Lessee -my Hafler DH-200 built in 1979 (from a kit)my Soundcraftsman rp-2240 eq (circa 1979)my Bryston 1b-mc preamp 1979my carver tl-3200 cd player from 1989my infinity 6Kappas (1995)my jvc ql-a2 furntable from 1984all pieces work, but the carver ... 
Buddy can you spare a dime for a $12,000 Ethernet cable?
This is the part about this hobby that annoys the f@@@ out of me. High-end speaker cables that promise the moon. High-speed ethernet cables that simply deliver higher data rates, not sound quality. And cable blocks. Really?There is a fine line bet... 
sub-woofer/speaker wiring
And again - you are missing the point of the question. Do try to keep up.The BU-1/is a powered sub WITH its own crossover.The Bryston has two (2) sets of amplifier outputs.My signal path has external signal processors between the Bryston AND the H... 
sub-woofer/speaker wiring
@imhififan - i have rca y connectors in use right now. The point of my query is opinions on which is better. Not solutions that i am already using. 
sub-woofer/speaker wiring
@mijostyn - these are floor standing speakers. Frequency response is not the issue. Nor is clean sound. This is a Stereo system. Not a home theatre system. Please reread my post.  
With what you know now what components doe you wish you had bought years ago?
I have/had the hafler DH 200 and 101 preamp. The hafler s--- is rock solid. I had wanted a bryston amp/preamp. Well, i found a bryston 1b- mc (built- in moving coil amp!) for all of $300.00 on ebay.i have a pair of infinity 6kappa speakers. If i h... 
Bi-amping Rules
I currently have a Hafler DH200 feeding my Infinity 6 Kappas With an infinity BU-1 subwoofer. I am considering adding a 2nd BU-1. This distributes 50 wpc with each sub and 100 wpc into the 6 Kappas crossing over @ 150 Hz. 
Room size and floor standing speakers
My room size is 7'8"x9'8"x12'7". My system uses a Hafler DH200 feeding Infinity Kappa 6 speakers. I have seen very large speakers in tight spaces and small speakers in expansive speakers. Aesthetics aside, acoustics, dynamic range and speaker plac... 
How much does your system retail for?
If I had to replace my system today, including recordings, I am looking at about $20K.