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Oppo-Integra handshake problem
[you get what you pay for.]True and with OPPO you get a very high quality and best bang for buck and great customer support.All this from Thousands upon Thousands of Customer reviews,comments and major review's.Your experience is very very rare.Yo... 
Edgy Trip Hop Recommendations
"Peace Orchestra".Has a Band Aid on the Cover.A Masterpiece..JD 
Blu-Spec CD's
Kind of Blue not only sounds good the label is absolutly beautiful.6 eye Columbia,Red and Chrome,detailed.Stunning..My SACD of KOB is warmer sounding.JD 
Fleetwood Mac Staples LA
Friends of mine went to a Faith Hill/Tim McGraw show at Staples Center.Said they couldn't understand a word either singer sang.Said show was loud and sound was boomy/terrible.I would have thought Faith Hill would not have a loud show...Fleetwood M... 
Eroc is continually remastering their catalog.It will be out again on cd I'm sure..Keep checking dealer sites for re-release.JD 
1st album is OOP.Cheapest is $85 on Amazon...Time to sell mine I think.I read all track list of theirs.Song Harmony is nowhere to be found.JD 
Hi,Their 1st may be out of stock or out of Print because Greg doesn't have it listed on his site at the moment. http://www.synphonic.8m.com/ . They are a Progressive Rock Band from Germany.Click on Germany flag on his site.He is one of the premier... 
The old timers give the young'ns tips on the 60s.
"Love"-Forever Changes. One of the best Psychedelic Albums of all time and on everyones top 10 rock albums of all time list.Love's 1st 4 albums were great!Arthur Lee's Psyhedelic Band.The Allmans Live at the Fillmore East is certainly not off the ... 
USB 2.0 does 96Hz?
192hz also on my EMU/0404 interface.JD 
right angle RCA adapters: will they harm sound?
Eric,Brand name would be helpfull if you recall.JD 
RIP..................Lux Interior
Huh ?,The Real Rock Pioneers were in the 50's.JD 
Blu-Spec Kind Of Blue
Blu-Spec Kind Of Blue sounds outstanding,very detailed,a few db's louder than the SACD. On my system I like the warmth of the SACD a little better,both very good in different ways.The label on the Blu-Spec KOB CD is outstanding.Columbia 6 eye reco... 
Measuring A Capacitor
DISCHARGE caps 1st.They can zap you across the room !!Techs just replace caps as pulling to test and resoldering is time/labor consuming.Cheaper and quicker to just replace them.Check for leaking,cracks or deformed looking caps 1st.Usually electro... 
What's the best Blu-Ray player for 300.-350.
Congrads to Mcroth66 .His 1st Post on AGon. After lurking for many many years.8 plus years ?A very knowledgable guy with "Golden Ears". Uncle J 
Genesis 1970-75
Also,Where to buy SACD/NTSC version of box set at the best price.JD