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Older And Wiser or just Tighter and Deafer?
Oh, I reward myself plenty!  But like my long-suffering better half says, "Does it ever end?".  To which I sheepishly reply, under my breath..."probably not".  I used to think it would end and that I would  eventually arrive at that place called "... 
Klipsch Heresy IV - not what I was expecting
I'm glad you're finding happiness with the H4's.  They're beautiful, classically "American" loudspeakers. 
what's the point?
I think the OP's question is "too legit to quit", for sure.  Now whether he's asking it sincerely or just trolling...well, maybe only his "hairdresser knows for sure"!  (Wow, did I just date myself with that one!)  The article referenced is an old... 
bose 2201 speaker
I would think the 2201 would have been unmarketable, which could be why it was never marketed. :)  Amar Bose was rather successful with the 901, though.  And certainly with the Acoustimas systems and the Wave-this and Quiet Comfort-that.  Marketin... 
Is the 2.5 way speaker the ideal home speaker?
Two-and-a-half-way fan here!  I've had a few in the past and currently have a pair (JBL Studio 590's).  I think the advantages of the design mainly fall in the value factor.  And I'm all about the value! :) 
Is it all worth it?
I decided records weren't worth it in 1984.  I may have bought one LP since then.  No regrets! 
Cassettes still rock!
LP revival, now cassettes?  Is the zombie apocalypse upon us?  
Bose 901
Anybody notice how that to some "audiophiles", measurements don't matter if the subject is LP vs. CD, analog vs. digital, tubes vs. solid state?  But if the topic turns to Bose vs...well, anything else, suddenly measurements tell the story! 
Bose 901
I'm not calling anyone out personally for being vitriolic.  That was just my overall takeaway from the thread: much vitriol among the naysayers.  It's one thing to say you prefer one speaker to another or that it sounds better in your opinion.  Bu... 
Bose 901
Reading all the posts so far, I’m struck by the level of vitriol some manage to work up, simply over a speaker that they personally happen to not care for. Perhaps the marketplace success of the 901 challenges their own notion that if what they li... 
Bose 901
Interesting review. I could certainly quibble about placement, but he seemed to not have other options. Also, the point of measuring outdoors, what is in effect a quasi-omni-directional design, seems questionable. I do admire and respect the revie...