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Some monstrosities with no identification  Large Advents Boston Acoustics A400 *** 30+ year break from HiFi *** Large Advents KLH Model 5 Harbeth Super HL5Plus XD    
All Pre 1970 Vintage speakers suck! Prove me wrong
One word.  Quad.  
Can anyone explain what a power tube does inside an amplifier, eg kt88.
“Can anyone explain what a power tube does inside an amplifier, eg kt88.” Yes.  
What was your first record?
My first purchase was Deep Purple Book of Taliesyn and Grand Funk Caught in the Act.  I always credit the Deep Purple as being my first record, it was the first of the two I selected.  
Vinyl Lovers
I've bought nearly 1000 records on Discogs in the past 4-5 years and have had less than 10 that didn't meet expectations, a few approached $1000.  Two were fully refunded, a few more were partial refunds we both agreed to.  The others were not wor... 
What new gear have you just bought?
Bought a pair of PS Audio M1200 amps a couple of months ago.  Wasn’t planning to use them any time soon, but the the AC died and running the tube monos just didn’t make sense until it was fixed.  VERY happy the the M1200s.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@bslon If you're not familiar with the RL version and you have one, I suggest you research it a little.  There are several versions, Discogs would be the place to research that.  You may then want to Google "led zeppelin ii rl" or something like t... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@bslon "RL".  It's a Robert Ludwig Led Zepplin II.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Dust Removal
I don’t have a real problem with it but I do keep a microfiber cloth over both of my turntables when not in use.  
Do Your Speakers have LEVEL CONTROLS or EQUALIZERS? (Vintage or Modern) ???
My Large Advents and KLH Model 5s had switches which I never used, just kept them in the neutral position.  My Boston Acoustics A400s and current Harbeths do not.  I don’t feel like I’m really missing anything.  Just my $0.02 worth.  
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
A little late to the party here, but my favorite sng lyrics are by Queen.  The song '39 to be exact. In the year of '39, assembled here the volunteers In the days when lands were few Here the ship sailed out into the blue and sunny morn The swee... 
The Good Stuff
@rok2id Not familiar with "Dexter Gordon and Orchestra MORE THAN YOU KNOW SteepleChase 1975 / 1989" But I have yet to be disappointed by anything I have purchased on Steeplechase Records.  
Better Records vs MoFi
So I just ordered "Heart - Dog and Butterfly - Super Hot Stamper (Quiet Vinyl)". Can't wait to compare it to my original copy that I purchased new when it first came out.