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PS Audio AC-5 question
Hey Lake, If anything give the the rest of the new power upgrades a chance to settle in and then try the fuses! If returning them is an issue send them back and try again later. Try to keep in mind your systems is going through fits and spasims, y... 
PS Audio AC-5 question
Keep me posted on this one, now you got me very intrested, and sweet IC's. BTW I've heard the fuse orientation is important? 
PS Audio AC-5 question
Not yet, I have been thinking about fuses though. I get to order my AC12 thursday. My Morrow Audio MA3 balanced should have about 360hrs on Saturday which should give me a good idea on the sound before adding the AC12.I'm using the stockcord on th... 
Can all power cords be classified as 1 of 2 types?
PS Audio AC10 or AC12 most balanced cable top to bottom I've heard no compromises in bass, mid or treble. Truly does it all!best of all worlds. 
High resolution Copper IC with PRAT like AntiCable
The Morrow MA3's definitly the way to go! As a fellow lover of prat they have it but to acompany that with beautiful harmonic texture was more than I expected, they also are grain free and are extended in the highs and the best bass I've heard.For... 
Dedicated line
I'll second the use of 10awg as it sounds better than the 12awg I have for my sources. The third line I plan to install will be 10awg! 
Any Mojo Audio Power cable owners ?
I read a couple of the reviews on the site but cant seem to find much other than that. How do they stack up against the competion on there sound? 
PS Audio AC-5 question
Sounds good to me,next week should be intresting indeed! The AC12 might the Icing on the cake and then some I hope. I to am thinking the amp is a good place to start. 
PS Audio Power Port vs. Hubbell/Leviton
Hi all, is anyone even aware of the Ps Audio Power Port Premier? No its not the Power Port, its construction is on par with the well regaurded R1 if not better in some respects. I had the Leviton and when I switched to PPP the sound was outstandin... 
PS Audio AC-5 question
That's not necessarily true about not being good on amps,While it will benifit the wall to Quintet setup, in my experience with different configurations the amp and AC10 was not just a sutble improvement! it was just as good as the AC10 to Quintet... 
PS Audio AC-5 question
Good choice! it will influence the sound of everything after it the most, even the Ac5. Start counting and take yourself some notes on the burn in, its a good reference point to work from.Keep me posted! 
PS Audio AC-5 question
Sounds like a solid plan to me Lake, the Quintet is a nice unit for the price and combined with the AC10 its that much more value to perfomance.And the sonic benifits are unreal.Movies music all take on a new level of realism and best of all you k... 
Which is the bestPS Audio cable to use for AV5000?
I have the Statment Sc, and while its an outstanding cable the new AC10 or AC12 will yeild better results extended highs, fuller mids and much deeper bass than the Statement Sc. While I have'nt tried the Ac12 I have an Ac10 and at 10 awg it beats ... 
PS Audio AC-5 question
For kicks put the AC5 on the Quintet to get a taste of its true potential then try the AC10, give each cord a good 30min to settle and remember your two new cables are still breaking in the highs and mids are the last to bloom with bass filling ou... 
PS Audio AC-5 question
Congrats on the Totem Hawks! I made that same mistake last year when I brought a new amp ,speakers and cables I installed all the cables at once (lol) like a stew! Instead of one at a time to evaluate the improvement of each piece. With power I sl...