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Best Vinyl Bach - Solo Cello Suites recording?
I purchased the Speakers Corner Starker, thank you all for advice. 
Extraordinary recordings on vinyl
Slaw,I love the Black Keys but don't you find their low fi sound is terrible though an audiophile system? 
Transrotor turntables
I have a Fat BobS with the upgraded controller and have been nothing but satisfied. The bearing is smooth with no rumble, and it stays dead on at 33 1/3 once set with the strobe. The only issue is that arm boards are quite expensive so adding an a... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
@Halcro,Are there any noticeable differences between the different generations of Shure V15's? Does the Jico fit all generations of the V15's? 
FR66s vs Ikeda IT-407 CR tonearms
If you search these forums, you will find a very different opinion from those above regarding the Ikeda tone arms from the designer of Lyra cartridges. 
Led Zep Reissue on vinyl
Great description Whart. Very similar to what I heard on my system. An audio friend is coming over later with the Classic Records to evaluate again. 
Led Zep Reissue on vinyl
Whart,Looking forward to your review of the LZ3 as you have the proper sense to use horn speakers ;)I bought all three albums and I have to say I'm impressed. I and III are really good, II suffers the issues (described elsewhere) of side 1 being a... 
Denon 103r with no serial number?
Have you found reliable online used vinyl vendors?
I've had great luck with SACD 1 here on Audiogon. 
Andy Kim - Needle Clinic
Want to share more success with Andy. He fixed my Shelter 5000 superbly at less than half the quoted cost of another company. Great communication as well.A+ 
Are there other Artisan Fidelity TT owners aorund?
Chris,While the Reed is an excellent tonearm, the Ikeda, or actually any tonearm with a bayonet mount is infinity more flexible than the Reed. With the bayonet mount, you can experiment with SPU cartridges and head shells of different weights and ... 
Correct alignment for Fidelity Research 64fx/SPU?
LOL....yes mm and not cm. I set all of my cartridges to 50mm stylus to mount distance and the SPU is just plug and play. 
Correct alignment for Fidelity Research 64fx/SPU?
The set up instructions for the FR 64S and Ikeda 345 state a 50cm distance from the stylus to the headshell mount. Ortofon SPU's have this 50cm distance so there shouldn't be an issue if the arm is set up properly from the beginning. 
Correct alignment for Fidelity Research 64fx/SPU?
I'll bring this back to your original question: "correct alignment for the arms designed by Ikeda son." All of his arms are optimized for Stevenson alignment, this is the only alignment method that he uses. I purchased a Mint Protractor and have a... 
Isolation platforms for turntables
I've had excellent results with my Gingko Audio platforms. The difference between a Symposium platform and the Gingko was drastic.