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CD Tweaks and Longterm Damage
Shventus,I have a friend who works for a major software firm that is in charge of transporting sensitive and trademark data to other divisions throughout the World. Some of the data is BLER sensitive, in other words, he must supply them the data w... 
CD Tweaks and Longterm Damage
Gordus is correct about the mold release agents used in production of our silvery discs, however, we want to keep the pit area as free of debris and as perfect as we can, (not filled in with wax), if we want the lowest BLER, (BLock Error Rate). If... 
CD Tweaks and Longterm Damage
I agree, PH isn't what damaged my CD's back in the mid 90's, it was the petroleum in the Armor All that did it. And yes, I did wipe mine thoroughly.I will not use anything on my shiny discs that has oil or wax on it, period. I learned my lesson. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
I've just cleaned a NM copy of Larry Young "Unity" BLP-4221 New York with the VPI and RRL fluid and I'm going to hear this copy for my first time. It's a better copy than my other original, so I'm pretty excited. 
Cars R OK, but what kind of motorcycle do you have
We're looking at a BMW around Christmas time as a present to ourselves.