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Bargain Priced SACD Giant Killer?
DTM: Yes my motive is transparent. It is to defend the good name of the manufacturer/mod shop whose amplifiers/pre-amplifiers/digital mods/cables/SACD's and CD's etc. that I've had the pleasure to own since the early 1990's. And I stand by my stat... 
whats the best fluid for long lasting Lps.
I strongly urge the original poster to do a thorough search through the archives. There are many ideas about what is ideal and the best, shared by a variety of posters. 
Bargain Priced SACD Giant Killer?
Clio09: There has only been one person making said claim and his motive is transparent.And I whole heartedly agree that digital audio playback is one arena which teaches you that price does not always equate to better performance.It's sad that the... 
When is digital going to get the soul of music?
Tvad:Stock, the SA-14 is thin and hard sounding, with a sucked out mid-range and without much frequency extension in the bottom end. (To my ears, in my system) Not overly dynamic, either.After the mod, that ALL changes dramatically, however it sti... 
When is digital going to get the soul of music?
I hear you, Tvad, mine has made a drastic sway towards a more musical presentation with the addition of the TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V. I still have the TRL/SA-14, but find that it is accurate, but not as anywhere near musical as the Sony 900. I've had t... 
Bargain Priced SACD Giant Killer?
Clio09:I've had the TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V for over a month now and concur that it is incredibly musical, dynamic and natural ... in a very analog sense.I spoke with Brian at TRL today and he said they recieved 9 Sony 900's in the past 2 days and wer... 
Is There any Truly "High End" Integrated Amp?
TRL ST-225. 
Quietest amp you ever owned ?
TRL ST-225 Integrated. Dead quiet, no hiss, no hum.Incredibly fast and dynamic, too.Best,Jack 
QuickSilver GOLD
Yes, as a user with first hand experience with both the original QuickSilver and the new QuickSilver GOLD formulas, I can tell you from experience that the GOLD formula is worthy of your time to remove and re-apply. I've cleaned and re-applied the... 
Frankg: I've seen the link and will likely go SED in the future. I'm just waiting to see if they have to work out any bugs with the technology first ... Until then I'll have to suffer the Canon Realis.It does look very promising, though, doesn't i... 
Transistor Research Labs ST-225 Integrated amp
Tvad: I figured that you had to sell your Presence Deluxe II because someone told you not to own anything designed by Paul Weitzel ... :)Kalen: I suppose this is a topic where we will have to agree to disagree. I'm the type of guy that doesn't req... 
Here is my vote, based on a recent purchase.Canon Realis SX50Here is their press releaseSimply put, it is amazing.Jack 
QuickSilver GOLD
"The benefit is priceless to keep piling on the cliches."I wholeheartedly agree. I have responded about QS Gold both here and at Audio Asylum. Definitely worth the price and the effort and is not just another over hyped accessory.I've treated 4 di... 
First Sound Preamp Owner's - What NOS tubes?????
Hello R,Why not call Emmanual Go, (the manufacturer) and ask him yourself? He is likely to know better than anyone else.He is likely at CES, so maybe try towards the end of next week.Best,Jack 
Has any one heard Magico Speakers?
Yes, Twilo, along with Tube Research Labs amplifiers and preamps. Beautiful stuff, huh? You should hear them. Jack