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Do CD Transports benefit much from upgraded power cords?
No - especially for a CD transport.  That's as muddle-headed as upgrading the power cord on a turntable.    
Am I wasting money on the theory of Bi-amping?
Done right, bi-amping can be effective in optimizing loads between drivers.  Not to be confused with b-wiring, which is horse poop.    
What's a Good Way to Buy Music Collections?
@kota1 If you believe this device brings MP3s to the sonic quality of DSD, then I have a bridge to sell you.  I'm sure it's a fine player, but its ad copy is a thin tissue of lies, exaggeration and puffery.  If anything, converting 44.1/16 to DSD... 
What's a Good Way to Buy Music Collections?
@kota1 I have not heard the Onkyo, but common sense and many experiments with upsampling have borne out my statement.  Regardless of the nonsensical aspect of it, the claim that this DAP will magically convert MP3 to DSD-Quality audio should be pu... 
What's a Good Way to Buy Music Collections?
@kota1 Upsampling adds nothing to the sound quality of a CD  44.1/16 file - except bloat, that is.  The line... "selectable Real-Time DSD Conversion converts MP3, WAV, and FLAC music files into DSD-quality audio"  ...is just absolute nonsense.  
Power cable
@cey Unfortunately @ro42wal is the only voice of reason in this thread.  
What do you hear with a better/bigger power supply and output capacitors in same amp?
I doubled the capacitance in my Hafler DH-200 many years ago.  Most immediately noticeable was that the bass was stronger and dug deeper.  Solo piano had more body.  It was not subtle.  
It might be that the condenser on the AC unit is going, causing a huge current drain and transient when the motor kicks in.  If your Niagra is doing its job, and the spike was generated over the wire, it would have been blocked at the power condit... 
Help needed with Rattle in my floorstanding speakers.
That particular piece enlightened me to the fact that the voice coil in my Martin Logan ESL woofer was rubbing.  I had to get a replacement from them.  It stresses parts of the system and the room so aggressively that anything prone to rattling do... 
Using biwired cables on speakers with only 2 connections
@p05129 I don't care who recommends it, bi-wiring is just redundant wiring.  It makes NO DIFFERENCE to the sound.  Bi or tri, your just feeding into the junk audio accessory industry.    
Using biwired cables on speakers with only 2 connections
Biwiring is nonsense anyway.  The two sets of terminals were originally for bi-amping, bi-wiring is the product of a bored audiophile with an active imagination.  Just leave the extra connections off and cover them with electrical tape to prevent ... 
Effects Of Power Cords On Electrostatic Speakers
@ricevs   Did you seriously replace a quarter amp fuse with a 30 amp fuse?  Classic audiophile idiocy!  And feeding a 12V regulator with 30V means it has to burn off a lot of current, markedly shortening it's lifespan.  But safety does not seem to... 
Effects Of Power Cords On Electrostatic Speakers
You can make up all the reasons you want, but the truth is you heard a difference because you wanted to hear a difference.  Just like the people who hear a difference when they "upgrade" the power cord on a turntable.  What's next?  Upgrading the ... 
Weak Link in Vinyl Playback
Thin generally describes the house sound of Audio-Technica cartridges.  The AT-VM95SH is basically the low end AT cartridge engine with a more expensive stylus.  You'd need to move away from that line if you want to beef up the sound.  I would rec... 
Power Cable Audioquest Dragon vs Isotek EVO3 Ascension
Anyone who drops that much money on a power cord without even considering the basic science that shows them to be a total scam can probably be counted on to buy $5000 in gift cards to get themselves out of a jam with the IRS.