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Best short-lived band?
Blind Melon and Sublime. I beleive both these bands were in their artistic infancy when we lost them. RIP Bradley and Shannon. 
sand in speaekers
Von Scheikert VR-2 is a bottom load design, I have lead shot in mine. I think i put around 40 lbs in each. I bought the lead shot at Ace Hardware, i found it in the gun department. i know that you can find it on ebay and the shipping is resonable,... 
First cd purchase
My first cd purchase was in 1996. I purchased Republicas' self titled album. This band is euro-style dance-techno and their "hit single" was "Ready to go". Needless to say my musical tastes have grown since then but its still fun to play now and t... 
Going to see Roger Waters in concert
I saw Roger do the same tour in October, it was very good besides the bad venue. I would recommend some ear plugs to tone down the high levels, i forgot mine and paid for it for about a week. I cant remember the female vocalist he had with him who... 
Does an integrated DAC/Headphone amp exist?
Well i got a no go from big boss man. Maybe i will go for a DAC at a later date and use it in the main rig. Thanks anyways guys. 
Does an integrated DAC/Headphone amp exist?
Thanks everyone for all the input, this whole idea is boss dependent. He has yet to okay the idea but lets hope he will. Until then thanks, Justin 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Supertramp "Breakfast in America"Tool "Lateralus"I never tire of "Breakfast in America" and "Lateralus" if your a Tool fan then you know how well this album was done. The graphics are always fun to look at it when its playing. 
Does an integrated DAC/Headphone amp exist?
Swampwalker-I dont completley understand what your recommending with your last post, could you please clarify?Maybe my ealier post is confusing. Now that i know that a good deal of DACs have a headphone output i could then use said DAC in a double... 
Does an integrated DAC/Headphone amp exist?
Garryh-You must be a fellow Bimmer owner. My Bimmer is a 1988 325is, mostly stock but with a few suspension mods. I've always loved the e30 body style, mine has the "ugly" bumpers which is kind of a bummer. But on the other hand it drives great fr... 
Does an integrated DAC/Headphone amp exist?
Thanks guys for all the suggestions. I havent looked into DACs previous to this, i didnt know so many can double as headphone amps. I think I opened up a can of worms for myself though. I have been thinking about modding my Denon 2900 or buying a ... 
Joanna Newsom: Ys or No?
Dgarretson-Your still with us, nice to hear your urges to commit suicide passed. : ) So why Ys!!!!!? 
Bryston 2bsst
I own (and enjoy) a 2BSST, i had troubles with it being analytical and uninvolving with too bright of highs and for the most part unmusical when i had it paired with a PS Audio PCA-2. I have since switched to a tube pre amp and absolutly love what... 
Joanna Newsom: Ys or No?
I should add this is the first time i have heard Joanna Newsoms work. I have been meaning to purchase more of her music. Have any of you heard her other work in the band "The Pleased"? I was thinking about trying them as well. 
Joanna Newsom: Ys or No?
I realy enjoy this album, i can listen to her anytime of the day without wanting to murder/ commit suicide. Though I can see how someone might want to take her harp and give it a ye olde chuck into the grand canyon. The way she pronounces words an... 
How high is your soundstage?
Semi-I too was disappointed with a demo of Wilsons i had heard. It was the Alexandria X-2s that didnt portray correct height for me. The salesman put on Tools "Undertow" that I had with me. Maynard sounded as if he was singing down to me, which is...