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How high is your soundstage?
Im guessing you have already done this when setting up your speakers but maybe not. Have you tried playing with the rake? In my new smaller room(not pictured on my system)with the speakers raked to the front i gained about 6"-10" of height. Now vo... 
Headphone Recommendations
thanks for all the suggestions guys. As i read your posts there are a few i think he will like. Grados wont work due to their shape and open air design so they are out, as well as the nicer Sennheisers. I know he will want a design that covers the... 
Best object in your listening room.
Mable, my brothers "piece." She never fails to deliver. lolBut i am also proud of my chair. 
When showing your system to others, what do you do
Stickwork-glad to hear you enjoyed my thread! Sdatch-i have always worried that when im about to demo my rig a tube will go or the amp will go tits up. Nothing has happened yet but that one time when it does, that will be a definate blow to my ego... 
Little red gun next to turntable.
Most likely a Zerostat anti-static gun. Mine seems to work good, kind of pricey though. Ive heard good things about Mapleshades one as well. 
How to hang rugs.
i got my new room dimentions, 11'x14'-6"x9' and my rug is 5'6"x8'6". I calculated my room modes up to around 300Hz and didnt have any overlap in frequency until 270Hz, so im thinking my bass response should be smooth and linear. 
How to hang rugs.
Thanks for all the input guys. i think im going to go with Alberts way. Quick and painless, just the way i like it. Im not too worried about the visual impact(i listen in complete darkness with my eyes closed) its all for sonics. Boss302-Im headin... 
How to hang rugs.
Albert-mine isnt silk but it did cost me a few schillings, and if it didnt hurt yours im convinced. Do you have any thoughts on which wall and which direction i should hang it to acheive the best sonic bonus. thanks again. P.S. your system is gorg... 
How to hang rugs.
Albert-thanks, i was also thinking of using tackstrip to accomplish what you described. Using tackstrip on just one side has proven stable? and there appeared to be no damage to the rug after doing so? Boss302-It is the rug thats in my pics. I thi... 
Integrated Amp Vr-4jr
BATs and vons seem to be popular too. Im very happy with my combo. I preferred my seperates to the 300xSE though. 
Best Rock Drummers
Danny Carey!!! Who else can play like him? 
VSA VR4 SR or JR as a match to my system and room
There is no VSA dealer in Seattle, but four good hifi shops all within a couple of blocks of each other in the university district. If you care to hear a pair of VR2s i live near the border, let me know. 
When showing your system to others, what do you do
Thanks for all the suggestions and comments everybody. i am working on my first convert right now, we will see if he bites on it or keeps swimming. 
When showing your system to others, what do you do
I must of not asked my question right to begin with. Plain and simple i wanted to know what fellow A'goners did when having newbies listen. People who could care less about audio until finally hearing somthing other than their wave radios or ipods... 
When showing your system to others, what do you do
thanks for the clarifiaction Ferrari, i understand where your coming from now. I would like to say that my system is by no means at the point where i wouldnt trade it for anything. I just wouldnt trade it for that mega bucks(in my opinion) system ...