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When will a 60"+ true 1080P plasma be available?
Why not just go with a projector that will yield a much better picture and probably the same if not at a lower cost? IMO no plasma can even come close to a CRT or a projector in all aspects. Just my two cents. 
What pre to use with Vons and Bryston 2B-SST?
i have tried a few things that you had mentioned. my speakers are now more toed in then in the pics. my audio room is doubling as a bedroom so there is no room to play with. i have everything set up as good as it can get. I have a decent selection... 
What pre to use with Vons and Bryston 2B-SST?
12inchwoofer-do you have any recommendations? i bought the bryston from my dealer, i like his ear and his recommendations have been very good. I think the problem is the PS Audio pre but i wont know till i put the BAT in and determine what really ... 
What pre to use with Vons and Bryston 2B-SST?
Thanks Drew,I am actually going to demo a BAT Vk300xSE soon. Im going to try it as a pre with the Bryston to see how it sounds with a tube pre. As well as listen to it as a whole. i agree with you on the uninvolving aspect of what im hearing. I wo... 
What pre to use with Vons and Bryston 2B-SST?
thank you all for the suggestions. My dealer sells BAT products so i might end up going that route. The Rogue stuff looks like fun as well. I should of stated that it must have a remote control option. What can i say im lazy.justin 
upgrade suggestions please
Go for the Vons. I love my pair but they need a good amount of room behind them to sound their best(dont go off my placement.) i agree with Jgiaclo, they are a very musical speaker. 
Your Private Audio Museum
Nightdoggy-Im starting to become a freak at a young age then. Im 19 years old and addicted! I dont own an ipod and never will but i do still like to play my PS2. I am replacing my reciever with seperates but i dont know if i will sell it, i think ...