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Cube Audio Nenuphar Single Driver Speaker (10 inch) TQWT Enclosure
I have an Alan Eaton 45 albeit with Omega Speakers. It's a wonderfully musical amp. Those transformers are magical. The SRPP stage is great as it has lots of low impedance "grunt" to drive triode finals. A very dynamic 1.5 watts! I like the RCA 6s... 
Jupiter Copper Foil, Paper & Wax Cap Versus Jensen Cap 0.10uF 630Vdc Copper Foil Ceramic
just a quick add. if you prefer the extra sizzle/resolution the jupiter foil is the way to go. however, the jupiter HT is a little faster and more musical in the coupling cap position than its brethren. and it's way cheaper. it's my fave! 
Wolf Ear Audio
^ no infö on the new one other than it's coming. can you spill the beans ? 
Wolf Ear Audio
I have an original Kitoki V1 which I like very much. He's responsive when i email him questions on the rare occasions. I certainly get the sense that this is not Andrew's full-time gig. I do think you will be happy with the new gear. 
Reasonably sensitive speakers for tube amps, max $2k/pair, new or used
I have Omega so that's my choice. And a low powered SET can light them up.  
Paper Cones in HiFi?
el papel es el mejor 
Speakers for 300B --- Klipsch Heresy 4 or other ideas???
Definitely reach out to Louis at Omega! 
Help Me Improve My Turntable Set-Up
sell schiit and get a croft integrated.  
Best Integrated Amp (for me)
croft integrated and it has a very nice phono pre! 
Hello from Hapa Audio: Breathe C Cable tour
I am about two days in on a Hapa audition and the interconnects are a real treat. I would certainly reach out to Jason.  
FI-28 (R) IEC Connector Bad Buy?
The metallurgy of the FI-11 and FI-28M is identical, so you’re only gaining the ground connection to the screw hardware. All are great plugs. Take the plug savings for the receptacles to GTX Rhodiums or better yet Rhodium NCF. 
FI-28 (R) IEC Connector Bad Buy?
really excellent plugs but certainly an exercise in patience 
Rhodium vs Gold AC connectors
I prefer my Furutech Rhoduim PC’s and outlet(s) in my system. The gold sounds slow in comparison. It takes its sweet time breaking-in, and no it’s not my brain 😃 
Does a Tube Dac make sense?
makes sense to me. i love tubes in sources 
Dream Speakers = landed. Now I need to feed them!
I'd touch base w Aric Audio.