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Anyone Have Experience With Decware Se840UFO As Well As Tube Rolling It
Amperex JAN 7308 White Label is a fine tube for the Zen. Globe 80 w adapter for rectifier 
How loud are you typically listening?
60-65 and 70-80 if i am letting my hair down  
Corpse Cable - Opinions Please
https://corpsecable.com - must be pretty dead around there  
Single driver speakers. Are they worth considering ?
going on three years with my Omega Speakers. single drivers can dazzle, specially with their tone. you'll certainly give up some frequency. quality vs quantity - what makes you happy? 
Tube virgin looking for tube amp under $3k
I have auditioned many amplifiers with my omega speakers and my preference is low wattage single ended triode. You are certainly on the correct path with tubes. Enjoy the speaks - they are wonderful!  
Tube virgin looking for tube amp under $3k
All you’ll need for omegas, no pre required. http://glowinthedarkaudio.com/alan-eaton-se45.html 
Some DACs I am Considering-Any thoughts?
regarding AM Tubadour break-in. 30 days to start really smoothing out and three months for those big duelund caps to become liquid sounding. an exercise in patience.  
Some DACs I am Considering-Any thoughts?
I had my AM Tubadour upgraded to the SE after owning it for the better part of a year. Vlad really is great to work with! The DAC is phenomenal.  
Decware: a worthwhile option?
I think they are great sounding amps. Steve is a salesman at the end of the day, and they are buying it. Give him a callhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=72S0lmpju1s 
Shinjitsu Audio
no experience with how they sound but they look neat.  
Off center (not bent!) stylus?
no expert here. mine gotta little lean but HAUIE it sound 😃 
The Belle Klipsch Project – Thank you!
nicely done eddie! 
Better Amp for Cornwall IV's...
a few quality tube watts should do unless you want shake the art from the walls 😃 
What happened to JW Audio?
i think his interconnects are wonderful! 
Looking for new (to me) Speakers for Leben CS300XS---Devore, Harbeth, or Reference 3A?
I have heard the little leben and devore at whetstone audio in austin quite a few time. and the harbeth for that matter. i prefer the devore with that particular amp