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V-Cap ODAM: What the Future Sounds Like
I have around 70 hours in and the soundstage has certainly blossomed. I did have a bad tube in my AM Tubadour dac which was the cause of my "grain." I am resisting rolling tubes until i have 150+ hours on the caps. The ODAMs offer a much higher le... 
V-Cap ODAM: What the Future Sounds Like
I swapped the Odams in my 45 SET Wednesday (Thanks for the help Ciro). I knew I'd be in for a long break-in... Went through some pain with the Duelunds in my DAC. I wanted my "old" DAC back. Odams sounded pretty pretty good out the gate, with a wo... 
Herron VTPH-2A phono preamp owner's advice.
I loaned my buddy my VTPH-2A and my 45 SET. He's totally smitten and I am totally jonesing... Wednesday can't come soon enough ūüė© 
Need help finding a phono/preamp
Lounge audio. My buddy has this and it just sounds good!https://www.loungeaudio.com/lcr-mr-iii 
Need preamp recommendation
^ LTA MZ3 would be excellent. and I'll add the Don Sachs Linestage for a little more tube bloom 
Single driver vs traditional 3 way loudspeakers
i certainly second omegas with tube amplification. My 3xrs are very musical,¬†have tuneful bass, and are lighting fast. Very dynamic at low listening levels. If your jam is LOUD!¬†that‚Äôs not what they are about. After listening sessions w multi-driv... 
SET 45 and their (real) required speaker efficiency
I really like my 45 SET and Omega¬†Super 3 High Output XRS. Very musical combo.¬† 
SET the best?
I love the low watt class A and the low watt set amps! A 45 set is so bloody musical - everything just flows so beautifully.¬† 
Very small room! Help me with monitor speakers
I second omega monitors. Perfect for small room and are amazing for low level listening.¬† 
Non Analytical Sounding DAC Upgrade- Budget $1,500 or less
Definitely the Tubadour lll 
Most Musical 6NS7 tube for a Preamp?
My neighbors own both the microzotl and the Sachs. We are able to A/B and often do. I can say with certainly both are wonderful sounding pre amps. The Sachs sounds bigger and exhibits more of a tube flavor but in the most natural way. The LTA offe... 
Child Damage Mitigation
Shock collars and mats huh.... penitentiary grade¬†barbed wire? 
Child Damage Mitigation
Store the Maggie‚Äôs and get monitors with heavy stands for a next few years. Congrats on the little girl!¬† 
Efficient, affordable speakers for SETs?
I‚Äôd say Omega loudspeakers. Super musical and love set amps!¬† 
John Prine
RIP John Prine