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Replacing fuse
Nah,just an average guy that rather have money to take my children out to dinner for a $100 than spending a $100 on one audiophile grade fuse.What would be your choice? 
Replacing fuse
Thanks for the input,I play the lottery twice a week so maybe I can get in the same tax bracket that some of you guys seem to be in! 
Replacing fuse
You are correct,yes maybe I'm cheap too. 
Replacing fuse
I'm some what knowledgeable about fuses but no I'm not an electrician or pretend to be an expert on audio equipment.Guess I'm curious about the fuse tweak and wanted to experiment without wasting money doing so.Some say they work, others say no.So... 
Replacing fuse
Bought the fuses from Parts Connection located in Canada on sale, which makes the sizes and values limited.Know there are correct size fuses but didn't want to spend $50 or more for one fuse.Its a Hi Fi tuning fuse which many have for sale but non... 
Replacing fuse
Yes the correct size is written inside of the amp.Searched online for audiophile fuses with the same value but was not able to find one.8A SLO BLO was the nearest available. 
Onkyo A-9555
Thank you. 
Onkyo A-9555
Thanks you. 
Movies that featured High End equipment
Anyone know the TT Stallone was using in the movie Cop Land? 
Review: Schiit Mani phono pre AND Swagman Labs Linear Power Supply (LPS)
Heard the Mani matches well with Nagaoka MP-110. 
BEST budget system. What is yours?
Vintage NAD 3020 $5Vintage Rega Planet $50Project Debut Carbon with 2m Red$60Infinity 4000a Speakers $40Morrow low end cables for about $100,Phono, speakers and 2 pairs of Rca cables.Marantz 2220B $20Technics SL-1700 with AT 14s cartridge $50JVC X... 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
Added an original Rega Planet and Cambridge Audio 651c to the mix. 
New Release CD Players $1000 - $1500
I use a XL-Z1050,very nice player. 
Best speakers under $500? Fire away!
Rega or Focal maybe? 
Speaker to mount in a bookcase - up to $2000 (somewhat long)
Rega RS1's may work in that situation.