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Problem with black finish - ML Quest Z speakers
I too have had problems with 5 of the 8 pair of martin logans over 16 years I was into M/L.Cosmetic problems, pannel problems ,dammaged drivers,power supplys that would no turn off ,Missing parts,more. These where all in new speakers .I truely thi... 
Driver suggestions for DIY project
How about 2 pair of fostex f200a drivers and a raven r1 ribbon tweeter,perside use the foste 100t transformer and a hovland music cap do your mtm .Would be arround 93bd 1 watt easy for a 2a3 to run and would have deep bass arround 32hz.Just a thought 
People who are Irrationally Afraid of tube amps
Eldart you are confusing odd order and even order harmonic distortion, tube amps have the much more enjoyable form of distortion ,solid state has the worst sounding type .Tube amps dispite there specs are more enjoyable then solid state.At least t... 
People who are Irrationally Afraid of tube amps
Solid state wears out too,I would rather own old tube gear than old solid state at least you can repair the old tube gear + it holds its value better.Output transistors need replacement after about 10-15 years or so[ask any vintage krell owner ] t... 
Which Amp for ML Ascent i?
ARC VT100 MK3,Worked great on mine so did krell fpb200c .both used are under your price . 
Has audiophilia changed your music taste?
Mine did but changed back after going SET and horn or full range speakers now all the old music sounds great again metal ,punk ,oldies , most Audiophile music is so souless .P/B is depressing .JK 
Moving to Horn speakers
Why not look into oris horns? voight pipes are nice but not a real horn also look into other drivers AER ,PHY ,Fostex, lowthers do have there own character so..also smaller amps work best on horns. Later you may want to try a SET .Happy listening .JK 
Summertime: little listening time
Since I have been into SET amps and sensitive speaker systems the magic is there every time I listen .Happy listening .JK 
Lowthers - Please educate a village idiot...
I would second going with fostex drivers they have come along way in the last 2 years the other guys[lowther, AER ,PHY] are a sleep at the wheel.If a custom speaker is what you are looking for I could help you build it .Or help you buy a cain &... 
What Lacquers have been used on cables with succes
You could buy Tara labs air or the 2 series cables.Air or vacume your choice, love the sound of these cables in my systems. 
Blue Circle Music Ring
Hi there ,do you have a dedicated 20amp line for your system? If not do this 1st and replace your wall outlet, makes a huge diferance much more than changing conditioners.And it would probley cost less too.Happy listening .JK 
Monster Power conditioners. Anyone using one?
Meech ,I have owned panamax ,tara labs ,adcom P/C.My good budies use PS audio and others $$ ones.I dont think there is huge diferances in the sound of these conditioners .Seems to me if its well designed should do the job .I could hear no diferanc... 
Does your system reflect your personality?
My systems big ,hot,strong ,powerfull ,loud and pretty just like me.lol 
Martin Logan Prodigy Versus ML Odyssey??
Wrinkled out of the box or after a week or so .Happy listening .JK 
Martin Logan Prodigy Versus ML Odyssey??
I have owned both the prodigy and odessy,prodigy is better sounding if you have the room .I perfered an odessy and descent sub in mine .Plus I had many problems with my new M/L make sure you closly inspect the pannels for wrinkles after you buy .K...