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Why People Like Tekton
Low price shipping inc painted cabinets lots of posts and hype in audio forums.   
Higher sensitivity - more dynamic sound?
More dynamics if the speaker is of proper size better transient response less thermal compression in a home environment the ability to use almost any amplifier type made. Can sound better at low and high SPL levels.  
Try them with both subs on pulled out a bit more in your room.  
Euro Tumble
Doubt they would let you circumvent their established US dealer networks. And most likely after all the shipping and fees, it will cost much more, Best to wait a bit maybe the prices will come down, or just buy a used pair if the price is such an ... 
Turn down the Volume!
My systems can sound articulate and engaging at extremely low levels and can also play at extremely high levels or anywhere in between without strain thermal compression and with very very low distortion because most are all front horn-based.  
Isn't it really about quality of recording?
A great system can reveal the soul of the performance if the music is good but it was recorded poorly.  
Best speakers for a small room
Duke is right a horn speaker may be a great choice it will interact less with the room much less than a  conventional dynamic design and many horns can be used up against the wall not requiring the 3-6ft pull-out that the tragic audiophile darling... 
worth the jump to Cornwall IV's from Forte IV's?
Horns match best with horns full horn loading is the best way anything else is a compromise.  
What covid research can teach us about audio measurements.
How could you be sure that any audio product matched its prototype without measurements? Don't audiophiles look at measured specs when buying? Or do those who disregard measurements as having any useful meaning just buy on looks and costs? Pretty ... 
What covid research can teach us about audio measurements.
Why do those who dismiss measurements in audio not realize that even gear designed without measurements is made up of parts that must be measured and must meet spec? Your hand-built loudspeakers are made of carefully designed and measured parts as... 
Vintage vs Modern speakers.
Consider an a5 or a better horn a7 are great for what they are but entry-level as far as overall performance.  
low bass response
A slim little tower will have bass issues as well as baffle step issues making for a thin bright sound.  
McIntosh Group purchased by PE firm
Is this why I see so much used Mc for sale now. And more than a few dealers listing a good bit of Mc inventory?   
Schiit Loki Max?
I have all 3 Schitt EQs and the Loki mini is just OK I haven’t used mine in a while the Lokius is wonderful, especially with full-range driver loudspeakers. The Max is the better-sounding eq. Remote is nice to adjust sound at the listening positio... 
How many speakers and AMPS do you own, and why?
Over a dozen at my home most are giant. I collect restore design and manufacture loudspeakers so that's why.