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Need help : Single ended, Low power, SET amps..
hello, single end amps are very simply if you look at signal paths and parts count to me this is why they sound so great but they have to run a speaker with high sensitivity to sound there best .You can run a whole speaker of a s.e.t. amp but they... 
Which SPEAKER for the 21ST century?
I usualy have to biamplify with the oris and raven I had to tri amplify what a pain worked great .I use now A.S.L. dove 300b western electric tubes .I have heard many types of amps and love the sound of a low watt s.e.t.They are simple and have th... 
Which SPEAKER for the 21ST century?
needs to be 98 db or so when fin. I do love low powered tube gear 
martin logan/tubes
I have run ascents prodgy oydessy and request with tubes ,the new models work better than the old but all you need is arround 75+watts on the pannel and solid state on the woofers problem is with matching levels bi amping that way but it can be do... 
Which SPEAKER for the 21ST century?
I added the ravens to my oris horn speaker when I sell it I am building a new system arround the raven .Love the sound of the r3.1 but it still needs a mid.I was thinking about using 2 fostex sigmas for mids per side and 2 PHL 15in woofers per.tha... 
Which SPEAKER for the 21ST century?
Now I am using a lowther pm4a mid a raven r3.1 ribbon tweeter and cabaz mid woofer section and a velodyne 18in sub for ulta sonics.This way I can run a S.E.T. on the mids and class a solid state on the rest,etc.sub.I am really enjoying this combin... 
Running 4 ohm speaks on bridged amp...ok?
When you bridge amps you increase the distortion.bi amping is perferable. 
How good are VMPS RM-40?
I always thought that woofers are cone drivers are you going to remove them to get that non dynamic sound in you vmps? 
Which SPEAKER for the 21ST century?
hell I never thought I would be listening to tube and high efficancy speakers in 2002 .Have owned dynamics planars ribbons and electrostatics.But there is a magic to a set amp and a horn speaker that must be experanced in your home to be beleaved.... 
Top Ten Speakers of All Time?
Seems to me yall like whatever you own ,come on the martin logan quest dont sound as good as the request ,ascents or odyssey old quads while good in there day are so dated sounding now,not that they are not classics,but the cls 2z blows the old an... 
The BEST system you've ever built !!!!
I had to sell my system again seems like its every 6 months now.Dont no why they all where great.Now I have a mighty tivoli audio model one with black diamond racing cones, blue tacked to the bottom ,also I use a magnum dynalabs antena.The thing j... 
Wisconsin - Anyone interested?
I like manly beer and manly audio . 
Wisconsin - Anyone interested?
ya hey there ,how about a club in Madison?we could eat cheese, drink brew and listen to my krell martin logan system.ya hey.then maybe a little fishin.