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What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?
My RCA Photophone Shearer horn is over 12ft tall and is about 800lbs when assembled.  
hearing loss and amp choices
Get an EQ and boost the 25-30% rt ear side over 4k. This should make a larger improvement in what you hear over any equipment upgrade. https://www.schiit.com/products/loki-max you can turn off the EQ if you have guests.  
Horn speakers are really bright?
Horn owners are really bright.  
What cause tweeters hiss ?
If my system has hiss I check for snakes since snakes hiss.  
$25k speakers, are we there yet?
I prefer great-sounding speakers over 25K ones. If you pay that much you better understand a bit about loudspeaker design. If one DIYs at that price point you have near unlimited options. If you buy new you are limited to most likely a tower or bo... 
Should Audiogon forum dealers be held to a different standard?
{Should Audiogon forum dealers be held to a different standard than other members? However, I noticed that sometimes when an audio dealer posts, they’re met with seemingly automatic skepticism beyond the usual.} Did you answer your own?          ... 
Fleetwood Sound Company
I see the new interest audiophiles have in horns as a positive thing. I'm sure it will lead a few to experiment with larger fully horn-loaded systems and that's where a horn truly reaches its peak in performance. To me, some of the small entry-lev... 
No Japanese twins with straight pipes.  I design loudspeakers, and I also collect and restore all types inc horns I'm well-known in this hobby people come to me to design products or appraise identify or retell the history of rare audio. I tire of... 
Line Array VS Traditional Box Speakers, Why not just get the line array ?
Audiophiles will tell you pro audio suxs till it's remarketed to them at a very high price than its the bees-knees. Don't make me list all the brands and tech that started out as pro audio and is now considered audiophile. So if wanting a line arr... 
You said {For example those awful JBL speakers used in so many mastering studios for decades should be proof enough}. So what models of JBL are you referring to and when did you own or hear any of these JBL horns?   
List your vast horn experience. And please link to all these reviews based on listening tests that prove the point you try to make on horn loudspeaker systems. Or was I also wrong about how the press covered tube amplifiers and early digital?       
Don’t listen to the audiophiles who assume all horns have a sound that is mostly negative. Much of the audiophile music that’s so cherished today was mastered on horn systems. Yet audiophiles will say you need to play back the way the artists inte... 
Auto-tech has been making many high-quality horns for a few decades their new company http://horns.pl/en/speaker-sets/universum-3-way/  is based on long-established DIY offerings and would be a great choice.   
Energy speakers
The best Energy if you can find a good working pair. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649557559-energy-22-reference-connoisseur-speakers-excellent-condition-tweeters-just-rebuilt-by-chris-cooteabi/    
What are we objectivists missing?
You need both objective to get a base to replicate or advance from and subjective to tell if it's enjoyable since that can not be measured. Nearly all audio products built by subjectivists have parts or materials that were carefully measured and m...