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Energy speakers
The best Energy if you can find a good working pair. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649557559-energy-22-reference-connoisseur-speakers-excellent-condition-tweeters-just-rebuilt-by-chris-cooteabi/    
What are we objectivists missing?
You need both objective to get a base to replicate or advance from and subjective to tell if it's enjoyable since that can not be measured. Nearly all audio products built by subjectivists have parts or materials that were carefully measured and m... 
Soundstage and image height, does it exist?
There is no soundstage image height or image at all. It's just your brain trying to make sense of what it's perceiving its a trick an illusion. Just like when you watch all those non-moving fixed images on your TV your brain makes it seem like rea... 
Midwoofer+Tweeter vs Wide band
My new full-range driver blh with floor boundary re-enforcement hits 30hz strong is an honest 96db 1 watt 1 meter can play pipe organ at high SPL and does all the other things full ranges excel at. I also have a few giant horns systems and all of ... 
First Watt F8, passive preamp, DAC
I have owned a good num of First Watt amplifiers I have had great synergy running high output tube preamps with them.  
Vintage versus New
Altec A5 would be a good place to start. EV Aristocrats are fine-sounding depending greatly on the drivers used. For the $ they go for not a bad option today. They would sound best with tubes they require a corner and the image height is low. You ... 
What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?
Mains are 2:38 in.    
What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?
Main rooms 700sqft 13 1/2ft ceiling rooms ICF drywall is double with green glue doors are all sealed types room has its own 200amp service and its own mains transformer. It was designed for audio use when I designed my new passive home. I have 5 h... 
What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?
I can't put a scale under my mains but it took 6 guys to assemble them and 6 guys to move my bass horn would say the total loudspeaker system is approaching 2000lbs its also 10ft tall.  
Hey - What Happened to the Beware of Viking Acoustics Thread
Viking should just refund the buyer $ even if he was slightly in the wrong a manufacturer of specialty products should always take care of customers or things like this happen and now you losing customers, your reputation, and thus may be gone soo... 
Cube Audio Nenuphar Single Driver Speaker (10 inch) TQWT Enclosure
One of the reasons I prefer the compression driver front horn design over the full range is the ability to play at very low levels while still sounding articulate and powerful. The full ranges still are better than most low eff dynamic designs in ... 
Cube Audio Nenuphar Single Driver Speaker (10 inch) TQWT Enclosure
Built at least 100 full-range driver speakers. While I do prefer multiway horns with compression drivers a true full-range in proper cabinets has a certain something that's hard to ignore. What I use now is a pair of ultra-rare Fostex fe208 sol sp... 
Ribbon Tweeters and Animal Hair
Do not! use air to clean a RAAL ribbon they will be damaged. I even had one pair damaged from an open window the breeze stretched the ribbon element.    
Audiophile Speakers for Rock, HipHop and Techno
Get some horns the larger the better.  
MIT Researchers develop a paper-thin loudspeaker
piezo tech not audiophile