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Is the seated-centered solo listening to music a dated tech?
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Question About Capacitor Upgrade in Tube Amp
I have dorfs in my 300b amp does it sound better because of them? maybe.   
Is the seated-centered solo listening to music a dated tech?
What I am suggesting is a one-speaker approach, not a multichannel approach.  
Is the seated-centered solo listening to music a dated tech?
A lot of studios used multicellular horn systems. I have many pictures of famous artists sitting in front of Altecs etc in the studio.   
Why not horns?
I have many speakers and I still am enjoying my horn-loaded options more than the other types. Horns have been the most engaging the most entertaining and the most interesting loudspeaker types I have worked with over my 40 years of loudspeaker bu... 
System that sounds so real it is easy to mistaken it is not live
Yes my giant horns have gotten more than a few is that a real band playing in your home comments. A few speakers have horns that were actually used in concerts by some of my favorite acts a few shows I attended had the horns in use. When I play ba... 
Is the seated-centered solo listening to music a dated tech?
MBL are wonderful sounding I agree with what you say. At my home, I have many loudspeakers but the massive horns with multicells tend to be the best sound anywhere you are they sound great full, detailed, and easy to listen to but massively dynami... 
Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
No one on earth knows how much I have invested lol in this hobby and my systems. Inc me.  
Celestion Axi2050 Horn Drivers - Holy Cow!
I use a pair they are very good but I find using axi2050 with no network but with a tweeter to be the best way.  
Is your speaker broken? The DATS is often the answer
But how does that relate to fish? I don't see the link. But DATS OK.  
Duelund JDM Cu Caps - Opinions
Caps keep skin cancer at bay and can be a stylish addition to any outfit. One can express personality with a proper choice of cap.  
Magico M9 The new 'norm' in speakers
For the asking price, I could build you a nice lake home with 2 dedicated listening rooms all custom designed for audio use with 2 wonderful systems that could rival anything magico has built. And a small 4-unit apartment building that could be re... 
Dallas DFW speaker crossover repair gurus that you'd trust
Crossovers are not rocket science DIY your own repair or upgrade and learn by doing seems like a win-win to me.  
What is your take on high efficient speakers vs. low efficient speakers?
Low-eff designs can suffer from dynamic and power compression. It's not possible for those designs to replicate the natural dynamic range that real music has and if you play those designs at a higher SPL level many have power compression.  If you ... 
Do audiophiles creat the high prices we complain about.
  I enjoy bourbon from time to time. I decided to research bourbons and also watch a few tube channels on it. I pretty much know what I like but thought of branching out a bit so I bought a good num of highly rated bourbons some costly. I found a...