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Just a public call out
Nice to hear! (I’m running an MC152 and love it)  
The best way to start adding A=analog to my system
@saulh I wanted a TT so I could listen to my father’s albums Went with the Clearaudio Concept and think it was a great choice. Plug and play, and lovely sound (it’s comparatively modest compared to my digital path, so that’s my reference re: en... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Cam Cole, “I See”  
Has the cost of HiFi gotten a bit too much?
Seems like what one can buy for $1,000 - $3,000 (entire system) is far, far better than what was on the market 10 years ago - well in excess of inflation. “Mass market” quality and fundamentals seem to advance with crazy speed To me, audio actual... 
Montreal Audio Show - anyone hear the FR30’s?
Real question: Can someone explain why speaker manufacturers can’t be bothered to create true 8 ohm speakers at say, at least 90 db efficiency?  It’s just driver choice and engineering That part of speaker design seems unforgivably lazy to me at ... 
T+A P3100HV pre amplifier review
Thanks for taking the time to pen this great write up!  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Lonnie Liston Smith, Cosmic Funk & Spiritual Sounds  
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
@bugsnest - top notch!   
Inexpensive speaker cables: any experience?
@paulgardner - been using Kimber 8TC’s for a while now, and haven’t had the urge to hunt around much. My only cabling superstition is to do the entire loom from one maker (so all my cabling is Kimber, “Ascent” series - one up from their least expe... 
God doesn't need to know what time it is.
The watch referenced in the link above has that estimated price because it’s a possibly unique Rolex of iconic design. Clapton’s ownership isn’t adding much to the price, after 20 years Separately, but relatedly, the watch market has gone bananas... 
DAC Merry Go 'Round- why I stopped at Weiss
Thanks for the great post, and for taking the time to share your thoughts on each step of the DAC journey - very illuminating. I’ve never had a chance to hear a Weiss personally, but the reputation is formidable I’ve just gone from a modest 2017 ... 
Western Electric looking for consumer feedback to make new tubes!
@aricaudio - thank you so much for the response - I believe the thread to which you refer is posted above. Perhaps then WE’s next best tube is the 6SN7, for which there is a lot of demand (and hence the ability to create a premium segment) And th... 
Western Electric looking for consumer feedback to make new tubes!
It would be awesome to see another US manufacturer succeed Question from a newbie regarding tubes: what are the most “valuable” tubes that WE could produce? As a small manufacturer, WE needs to produce tubes for which they can charge a lot - if ... 
Speakers for string Quartets
Suggest trying Harbeth SHL5+ with a lower powered amp & see what you think. I own them because they work well for me across many genres of music, but I enjoy cello and they certainly sing for that instrument - very musical down low, beautiful ... 
Prima Luna have released the Kracken (striketrough) I mean DAC
@twoleftears +1   I’m a fan of Mac preamps & amps, but don’t really understand why they go upstream or downstream of those (and they should kill the a/v stuff). Would be nice to see a few more tube pre-amp choices instead