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Cary Audio DMS-550 or Aurender A10
Benzman -  What was the sound signature difference between the DMS-600 and Lumin T2? I was trying to get a DMS-600, but it's discontinued. The DMS-700 was suppose to be released in early 2022 but with the AKM factory fire all AKM based manufacture... 
Cary Audio DMS-550 or Aurender A10
Thank you for the feedback. I have always admired the L-507uxii - a beautiful elegant integrated and I love UV meters and tonal controls! One of my concerns with the DMS-550 has been the Cary Audio software. I had heard that it’s functional but no... 
best streamer for Amazon Music HD
For a standalone streamer the Cocktail Audio line supports direct streaming of Amazon HD/UHD music.  
Power Amplifier Longevity
It's all about the cap's . The cap's will dry-out, in older equipment 20 -25 years old you can bet they cap's are dried-out. Find and old school repair guy in your area - recapping the amp and you will be in-great shape.  
Why the facination with integrated amps?
Audiotroy - My system configuration is: ·       T+A PV3000HV Integrated ·       T+A MP3000HV Multi Source Player ·       Bryston BDP-3 Digital Music Player w/ Samsung 860 PRO 2TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD ·       Music Hall MMF-9.1 Tu... 
Why the facination with integrated amps?
After a lot of research I choose the Theory plus Application "T+A" PA3000 with the optional phono module ~$18.5k. As Audio Doctor outlines above; I believe purchasing separates that could delivery the same performance levels at this price point wo...