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About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
Hi all,Here is the link to another picture, this timeHe finally include Barb!This one was just before the surgery too. Keep 'em coming Pat, I've got plenty of room for them.Keep the faith,Joe 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
OK all, Pat emailed me the picture of he and Steve and Paul. I'm going to try and get a small copy here, and put a link to the full-size one. To quote Pat:Steve (Vetterone) Dobbins is on the left side and is the tallest guy, I'm in the middle and ... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Neil Young "Decade" I'm going to go through all six sides, finally! 
Profile II arm anti-skating
Check the Vinyl Engine, they have archives of all that obscure stuff. The, go get some fishing weights & line. 
My Rogue 99 needs better isolation...please help.
Ezekial had a great sugestion, the Sylvania WGT's. They work pretty good. But, the metal base W's, and the Tungsol round plate black glass are the reigning champs in the Supratek camp. Also the short bottle brown base Sylvania W's. I'm sure you wo... 
Tube Tester for 2A3
Happy to be of service! 
My Rogue 99 needs better isolation...please help.
If you do that you start mixing coupling & isolation. I don't know if the Rouge responds better to either system, but my preference is one or the other (coupling for me).If you are getting serious microphonics, you may want to look to your tub... 
Respectfully seek some arm+cartridge advice
Hi Larry,I hope to here it soon, you know where. Still want to see how the Audiopoints sound?I just could not resist answering for Raul!Joe 
tube tuner and sources
KK,Try Tuner Information Center. If you can't find the info there, it can not be found. It's the Audiogon of tuners site. 
Respectfully seek some arm+cartridge advice
I'll do it for him:Shelter are garbage, except 90x. Denon are garbage, except DS 1. Sumiko Celebration better than anything junk ZYX Shelter or Denon garbage except 90x & DS 1. Get rid of stinking tube equalizers.Relax and enjoy the music. 
Micro seiki model SX111 FV
Also try the Vinyl Engine. They have info on tons of TT's 
Tube Tester for 2A3
KK,The Transcendent tester is a kit. I think that's how they keep the $599 price point.To do pics you need to be logged in. After you post, you "edit my post" and add HTML.Joe 
Tonearm for Teres turntable - approx $1000 - ??
Does that mean you will be getting rid of the AN tt & arm? 
Tube Tester for 2A3
KK,It is made by Transcendent Sound, so I think so. For comparison, there is a Hickok here for $595 + shipping, and everything on it doesn't work! I figure if you (or I) am going to buy one, why not get a new one, instead of a 30 year old one for ... 
Best Floorstander Under 10K?
How about a little help, what's the rest of your system? Where will the speakers be located? What kind of music do you listen to?