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Audio cables or Audio gear from N Z or Australia
>>smaller companies stuff is comical. kind of the audio equivilent of that quirky<<Quirky companies such as Plinius and Supratek for example?Just curious. 
Is Star Sound Technologies out of business?
Do we really need the promotional stuff TWL? The question was answered by Nrchy on 11/12/05. You guys have no shame. 
The end of LP collecting????
Chazzbo, dump the politics. Nobody's interested and this is the wrong place anyway. Save it for your ACLU meeting. 
How's aboutnthese new Diamond B&W's???
>>Have gotten great Sterophile review this issue<<A good review in Stereophile? Now there's some news. I wouldn't put too much stock into that. Everything gets a good review or is Class A these days. Old B&W, new B&W, same old ... 
Link Wray died
"Rumble" Link. 
Dynaudio 1.3SE v. Silverline SR17
Check out the new Silverline SR17.5They use Dynaudio drivers. 
How come there is no thread on the RealityCheck?
Sorry I missed that. 
How come there is no thread on the RealityCheck?
Yes indeed. A very important posting. 
Cables for B&W Nautilus 802
Cdc, No axe to grind. I simply prefer speakers that reproduce music without listening fatigue. There was a B&W speaker that I could tolerate. I believe it was the Silver Signature. Must have been the late 90's that I heard it but the price was... 
Just bought a nitty gritty, hear no difference.
Although there is an audible difference between a soiled and clean record, it is not night and day in most cases. A clean record will offer less background noise and more nuance/detail than one that is soiled. Relax and listen for the subtle sound... 
Cables for B&W Nautilus 802
>>just shows what kind of intellect we are dealing with here.<< I think personal insults are out of place don't you?However readers should know that, as an owner, your comments are quite slanted. One need only to look at all of the B&a... 
I am openning a shop. What equipment should I sell
Value. If you sell that, everything else falls into place. 
The end of LP collecting????
"A fool and his money are soon parted."Nobody forces you to buy anything. Oh and BTW, try decaf. 
Cables for B&W Nautilus 802
I prefer "truth sayer" not basher as my position accurately reflects that of which I speak. Unlike the owners of these sonic dogs, I have no interest other than to offer an honest and candid appraisal. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Isn't your question redundant? In addition to the post cited above, on 7/19/03 you posted this:"but nobody...nobody has had one bad thing to say about Supratek or Mick."What precisely are you seeking? Validation of your own position or one of a co...