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Looking for a new powerful amp.
I agree with dedwards. Both Krell and ARC have arid, grainy, and lean sonic characters. There are far better choices at all price points in both solid state and tubed iterations. 
Cables for B&W Nautilus 802
You're experiencing the B&W "sound". There are no cables to deal with this. Sorry. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
If you read the audiotweak's other posts you'll find that most of them are concerned with the products he sells or simply off topic snide comments such as this. Ignore him. 
Valkyrja speaker cable versis valhalla
Karmapolice, you'll find cables at that price point that will destroy Valhalla which is perhaps the most overhyped and underachieving speaker wire on the market. Look at pre-owned Virtual Dynamics, Acoustic Zen, Stealth, Ridge Street, etc. Another... 
New book on "Audio, Acoustics and Perception"
Is there a business relationship between Geddes and Duke?Thank you. 
Why am I experiencing listener's fatigue?
Larryken is not bashing. His comments are accurate and quite correct. I agree 100%. 
Great Copper Cables?
Audience Au24 
Best moderately priced tube amp stands?
Adona Corp.www.adonacorporation.com Good products and fair prices. 
Cerious cables - Proper setup and run in time
In the archives I see only 3 cables that you've reviewed. None of them are even close to reference level or high end caliber cables. Regarding owning and hearing dozens, that could only be bravado IMO. Color me totally unimpressed. 
Need sub recommendations for vr4 jr's
Dollar for dollar a pair of Vandersteen 2WQ subs is one of the best investments you could make IMO. Should cost around 1K for a pre-owned pair and you'll get most of that back if you decide to move up. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Nick of TimeJohn BarleycornRockin' the FillmoreTango in the NightLong PlayerI Can't Stand Still 
CLEARAUDIO - UNIFY 9'' better than OL1 rb250?
The Hadcock 228 has about 9 grams of effective mass and is probably compatible with more cartridges than the Clearaudio. Also, the Hadcock will mount in the Rega hole without any extra drilling or alterations. 
Rega P25, would it sound better than my CDP?
Superior sound? Dunno. Most assuredly it will sound different. However, the Rega arm and Benz cartridge are basically entry level analog. The actual sound may not match your expectations. 
Warm and pleasing CDP - can be biased, colored
Look for a used Sony XA7ES. Selling for under $1000 now but $3000 when new. Warm, yet detailed and focused. They are also built like a tank. Check it out. 
Best amplifier for Sonus Faber Concerto Home??
If you like "clinical" not musical then Krell, Simaudio, and to a lesser extent Bryston are right up your alley. High on power and low on warmth. Your speakers will certainly play an integral role in the overall sound though. Good luck.