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Harmonic Technology Magic Link 1
I to replaced my mapleshade interconnects with the harmonic tech. magic 2 and couldn't believe how much better they are, they are a little more then the magic 1, but they sound just awesome 
Power Cord Upgrade for Jolida 202
If you are planning on spending 500 or more I would recommend the lessloss power cord, I don't think you can go wrong with this cord, it is awesome, check the reviews, good luck 
Review: LessLoss Filtering Power Cable Power cord
I just received a cord from lessloss yesterday, very nice cord, I will be getting another one 
Review: Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated Amplifier
I audition the Krell intergrated 400 and the Musical Fidelity A5, I ended up going with the A5. I agree with everything you say about it. I have mine hooked up to vandersteen model 4A and the vandys have never sounded better. A really good amp for... 
furman elite 20 power conditioner
thanks newmanoc, I noticed that you mentioned overture audio in ann arbor, I am from ann arbor and have been in that store several times, a nice place, are you from around ann arbor 
Best rock song of all times
hotel california by the eagles 
whats the best bob marley LP
I agree with Rotarius, I love the Rastaman vibration album