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Warm Sounding Preamp Suggestions
  You mention that the your speakers are newly aquired.  Maybe they need some more time to break in and the sound may mellow out some 
musica bella tube preamp
  Thanks addyson815,  I will email Andy for some suggestions 
musica bella tube preamp
  Thanks for the tip on Matsushita jond.   addyson815, as far as me having owned a tube preamp before the answer is no.  In that other thread I was asking about the sunfire pre.  I looked at a lot of preamps before going with the musica bella and ... 
musica bella tube preamp
 Thanks everyone.  I don't know much about tubes but do they need break in time also? I am looking for a smooth top end and more weight to the bass.  Maybe some amperex also? 
How often is your system "good"?
  My system sounds best after an hour or so of music.  When I first turn it on it can sound a little thin and brittle but after that it sounds great. 
musica bella tube preamp
  Thanks jond,  it has 6922 tubes in it.  
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
Hello,  I am thinking of trying one of these black fuses.  I see some people are recommending that you go one size up on the fuse,  just wondering if this is always safe to do?  thanks 
audiogon message in spam folder
 Thanks,  I knew something was up because audiogon email never goes to my spam folder. 
To Pre or not to Pre? Here is my take
  Hey uberwaltz,  I have tried going without a pre a couple times.  What I can tell you is that the sound without the pre seems better at first, with more detail, but then after a couple of days it seems that I am missing my pre.  There is just mo... 
amperex 6922 pq white label tubes
  Thanks everyone who has responded.  Lots of good information for me to process.  I like the upscale audio site.  I didn't know that all these tubes are interchangeable and now I am leaning towards the 7308 tubes that frogman pointed out.  You gu... 
Clean away old CD treatments
 So did any of these treaments bring about any improvement to the sound.  I have used optrix with mixed results 
sunfire classic vacuum tube preamp
  I ended up buying a musica bella lusso dual mono preamp that uses 6922 tubes from Bill at response audio.  Can't wait to hear it and I will let you guys know how it sounds when I get it if you are interested, thanks Bill 
Tyler Acoustics
  I own a pair of Tyler Acoustics decade d2.  These speakers are look and sound great.  I am very happy with them and Tyler is a great guy to work with 
sunfire classic vacuum tube preamp
  thanks for the response jond,  I do agree the price seems a little high.  One of the ads is combined with a sunfire amp and he is willing to sell just the pre for less.  I think if I didn't need the balanced output I would look into something li... 
What do you miss about old school hip hop music and why?
whoops I see you already have the tribe called quest on your list