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Phono Cable recommendations
Another vote for Cardas you can't go wrong with any of their cables. 
Cayin vs. Antique Sound Labs
Have you considered modifying your ASL 1003DT with better caps, resistors, wire etc. The parts in there are pretty crappy and the soldering job is probably horrible and needs to be cleaned up. I did it to mine and the results were stunning. This a... 
"New Stock" EH EL34 Fat Boy and TungSol 6550
I agree with the comments Zinfan2 has made. I wasn't happy with any modern day EL34 I tried until I found the EH fat bottle. I've nothing negative to say about it I think there great and the price is right. I found them more revealing, resolute an... 
Ei vs Electro-Harmonix KT90
Yes, the old Tesla tubes form the 70's were very good if you can find them in shape and at a decent price. I believe they took over from Mullard when they got of it and used there tooling.As far as current tube the Ei is ano brainer IMHO 
cartridge demagnetizing vs. no demagnetization
I have had positive results with the Cardas record on my Grado Reference. If I am not mistaken but could be wrong the Cardas record degauzes the whole system. 
A new phono stage
Hi SkushinoI have an EAR834P with a lot of mod work very similar to the Thoerston mods. In fact the guy that did it used them as a guidline for many of the changes he made to it. This preamp is fairly cheap used and can be improved upon in so many... 
What are your favorite monitors?
Proac Response 2S or 3m de Cappo 
Monitors - GMA Europa, Spendor S100, & ProAc Tab 8
No monitor I've heard came close to my Proac Response 2S except the 3m De Cappo which was also awesome. I've not heard the monitors you mention in your post 
Personal speaker evolution
Sony Floor Standers $200 new - crap but I didn't know better thenB&W DM303 $150 used - can't beat it for the money but other monitors kill itTotem Mite $600 new with Atacama Stands $150 - great speaker but inefficient needs lots of power to re... 
Ei vs Electro-Harmonix KT90
Hey TreljaDon't be fooled buy the results of your tube tester. I find new production tubes must be changed every year to year and a half regardless of what the test reuslts are. When I do so the difference is astounding even if the tubes test over... 
Ei vs Electro-Harmonix KT90
I have tried both these and while both are very good and are the best current production output tubes I've heard. The Ei takes it in my rig not even a contest. The Ei's have a tightness, clarity and 3D image that the EH cannot compete with.The EH ... 
Favorite live LPs
Eric Clapton Unplugged, The Weavers Renunion At Carnegie Hall 
New Mullard Reissue EL34
Thanks swampwalker thats kind of what I thought. I am still curious to know what the sound is like. Although I guess if EH, Sovtek, Mullard and Svetlana are from the same factory than perhaps they are all the same tube.Yet there are many posts sta... 
Mullard New ReissueTubes???
Good advice people and thanks for the heads up but that aside what do they sound like? How are they compared to other EL34s past and present? 
Record Cleaner
Thanks to RRL and Paul Frumkin for sending samples of there products. I look forward to using them, drawing my own conclusions and enjoying the music even more which is what it's all about.