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Revel Salon2s: Seeking Advice
Without question, the Revel Salon 2 speakers would be an upgrade over your Kanta 3 speakers, which I've had the opportunity to hear on a couple of occasions.  The Salon 2s are considered by many, including myself,  as an end-game, reference calibe... 
vibration control - cd player
I've been using the extremely affordable, but extremely effective Vibrapod pucks and cones on all my components for over 15 years.  Really, no need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on isolation .  The Vibrapods will get the job done and at an ... 
Neat "Tweaks" to improve the SQ of your streamed music!!!
As great as I though my dedicated streaming system was performing, somehow, I had this eerie, nagging feeling that something was still missing from the music. To my ears, I just wasn’t hearing quite the same level of that dreamy inner detail in th... 
Amp — Leave on or turn off
I also like to power down all my components at the end of the day, just before bedtime.  Well, not exactly.  All my components are plugged into a power conditioner, so when I turn them off, they are actually still on, but in stand-by mode, which p... 
PS Audio Direct Stream Mk2 DAC - How good is it vs Mk1? Weiss, Bricasti?
My very first high end stand alone DAC was a PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 DAC.  The PC Audio DAC sounded fine, but I eventually switched to an Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty DAC, which sounded more appealing to my ears.    
Comparing streamer/DACs between $5-10k
Buy a pre-owned Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty streaming DAC!!!  I compared mine to much higher priced DACs and came home with the Ayre.  Brilliant piece!!!   
Ways to make your digital streaming sound better
All I do is stream and my rig sounds absolutely incredible!!! What put the SQ of my streaming system over the top: #1= High quality ethernet cables #2= High quality streamer #3= (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) Filer and condition your electricity and ethern... 
Change Revel BE driver color to black?
Impossible, and a ridiculous idea!!!  
Triode Wire Labs Spirit II XLRs and DH Labs Revelation XLRs: a comparison
Regardless of whether the cable is made of silver, copper or any other material, system synergy is everything, and is all that matters. Period.  Simply pick the one that sounds best in your system, and be done with it.  Also, don't let anyone tell... 
"Happy To Be Stuck With You!!!"
Oh.....glad someone’s counting. Happy listening  
Borresen Loudspeakers
This isn't rocket science!!!  And I'm definitely no rocket scientist, "LOL"......As we all know, buying speakers, like anything else, is highly personal and subjective.  One mans treasure is another mans trash.  Just that simple.  There's a multit... 
Hegel comparison
Without question, go for the the far more powerful, detailed and transparent Hegel H590!!!  I've owned both and now own the H590.  I strongly believe that the H590 is superior to the H390 in every way.  I use an external DAC with my H590 to drive ... 
DAC Merry Go 'Round- why I stopped at Weiss
Congrats on your end-game DAC find.  My end-game DAC is the Ayre Acoustics QX-5 twenty DAC/ streamer!!!  
Audioquest Hurricane High Current Power Cable on my DAC. That's right!!!
classicrockfan Okay, Mr...... "PLACEBO" man.  You know best, LOL!!!!! Happy Listening!  
Audioquest Dragon power cable.
@jafant Here’s a list of my gear: Revel Salon 2 Speakers, Hegel H590 integrated amp (my room is not large so powerful integrated is perfect to drive speakers), Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty DAC, Roon Nucleus Plus Server, Pakedge Audio Switch, Audioq...