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2.5 Tower vs 2 Way Tower vs 2 Way Monitor
Klipsch Heresy IV - especially for rock/blues guitar. I know exactly what you mean by "crunch" and my Klipsch Cornwalls deliver that like no other speakers I've heard.  For you...the Cornwall is too big and too expensive, but the Heresy - very cl... 
CDP or Transport and DAC? Recomendations?
I went through the DAC/transport vs dedicated CDP decision process about a year ago and decided on a Denon DCD-A110.  IMHO it’ll go toe-to-toe with any product within spitting distance of its price point ($3500).  
Help with Cartridge choice
I have both an ART9XI and a Hana ML that I use with my VPI Prime and, much to my surprise, I slightly prefer the Hana.  They’re very, very close however, so you really can’t go wrong with either.  I do notice that the AT certainly needs less gain ... 
Good fix-- Have you scratched the wood on your Cornwall IVs?
I noticed a couple of minor shipping scratches on my CW IVs too.  Unfortunately my speakers are black ash which is definitely not an oil finish and is likely a matte lacquer.  I've tried to touch up one or two minor nicks on the front edge banding... 
When are people going to wake up and realize listening is a skill?
I don't understand why MC thinks it's his mission in life to be Tekton's chief apologist, but since he's taken up that mantle, I'll say this:  If the best defense he can mount whenever a criticism is leveled at Tekton is to claim the critic "needs... 
Possible Cartridge Suspension Collapse?
FWIW Hana cartridges are somewhat notorious for riding pretty low…Google it and you’ll find other comments and pictures stating/showing as much. I have a Hana ML with about 200 hours on it and every once in a while the bottom of the cart will brus... 
Quality 1 meter RCA Interconnects under $100?
any suggestions on what to replace Bluesound Node 2i with
Take a look at the Matrix Audio Element X. I’d put mine up against a Lumin T2 any day of the week…and it’s about $1k cheaper. I briefly had the Altair G1 and the Matrix easily betters it.  Also, the Matrix has the most advanced DAC chipset (ES9038... 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
Another happy CWIV owner here.  The dynamic swings this speaker is capable of reproducing are otherworldly.  I’m running mine with a PrimaLuna EVO 400 integrated and Manley Chinook SE phono stage and couldn’t be happier. 
Recommendations on Integrated Tube Amp around $5k
PrimaLuna EVO 400...not only does it sound great, but it offers a healthy amount for power for a tube amp. 
Disappointment with Pass Labs - I'm looking for something else
I have Cornwall IVs paired with a PrimaLuna EVO 400 integrated...it’s a match made in heaven if you ask me. 
Is my anti-skating too strong.
Totally concur with @bpoletti...use Ledermann’s method. 
Best integrated for my purposes - help me choose 1 of 3!
It’s definitely worth taking a look at the Musical Fidelity M6si. I briefly had a HINT 6 and eventually replaced it with the M6si. The Parasound had a few more bells and whistles, but IMO the MF bested it in SQ.  Plus, the MF does have an HT bypas... 
6000 dollars CD player
Denon DCD-A110 at $3K.  I’m running one through a PrimaLuna EVO 400 integrated into Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers and its performance is absolutely sublime. 
Better Amp for Cornwall IV's...
I have a 70wpc PrimaLuna EVO 400 tube integrated that I drive my Cornwall IVs with and it provides waaaaaaaaay more than enough power to push the speakers to deafening levels without breaking a sweat.  Given that, I'm sure the 70wpc Denon would al...