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Have opportunity to buy BHK 300's or Pass Labs 250.8 for my Thiel 3.7's- thoughts??
I use a Pass Labs X150 and two First Watt F3s to power my DIY horn speakers.  In my estimation Nelson Pass is a genuine genius.  You won't go wrong with Pass.  
Whizzer cone drivers
I use 8 inch drivers with a whizzer cone, AER BD3s, in my Oris 150 horns.  They sound splendid over the range of 200 Hz to 8 kHz which is their pass band in my triamplified fully horn loaded DIY speakers.  Horn loaded fifteen inch woofers play the... 
Vinyl goes green!
According to the video the new formulation has SQ that is "just about high as vinyl, maybe 95%." That is not good enough for me.    
Magico M9 The new 'norm' in speakers
Jimmy2615 wrote: "In all seriousness, audiophiles saying this is crazy would be like non-audiophiles saying a $1000 power cable is insane." I am an audiophile, and I think a $1,000.00 power cord is insane.  
Diy Audio
I am not given to repeating advertising slogans, but I make an exception for a line from an old Speaker Lab ad.  That line is, "If listening to your stereo is as much fun as going to the circus then listening to your stereo with speakers you built... 
Brass versus copper binding posts
True, copper doesn't rust, but it does corrode.  
What Power Cords for Rel S510 Subs?
Considering REL's sterling reputation for building excellent sounding subs I would be very surprised if they risked that reputation by including inadequate power cords with their speakers for the sake of saving a few dollars.  If it were me I woul... 
Recommendation on speakers for listening to live music
The answer is full range horns including bass horns.  
What Power Cords for Rel S510 Subs?
I am quite glad that I don't obsess over wire and can instead relax and enjoy the music.   
What's been playing on your turntable and what turntable is it ?
My Clearaudio Performance DC Wood with Tracer arm and Ortofon Caenza Bronze cartridge last entertained me with all four sides of Joe Bonamassa's Blues Deluxe album.  This is an excellent recording for anyone who loves the blues.  Before that it wa... 
Magico M9 a ton of weight and a million dollar price tag $750,000
If I won a huge lottery jackpot I think I would get the Living Voice Vox Olympians with the horn subs instead.  I get such good results with my modest DIY fully horn loaded triamplified speakers that I would love to hear what most folks concede to... 
Amplifier Longevity Question
In 1972 my wife and I bought a McIntosh MC2105 power amp.  Now fifty years later it is still playing in the basement party room at my son's house.  I imagine it is terribly in need of recapping, but for half a century it has played music every tim... 
What is your take on high efficient speakers vs. low efficient speakers?
    charles1dad 8,981 posts 08-10-2022 at 09:34pm  @sbank  Duke is wise. Agreed, and humb... 
Tekton haters and bashers you just got a new target!
I’ve never heard a Tekton speaker so I am obviously no Tekton fanboy, but it seems to me that the MA 50 midrange/tweeter array bears a striking visual resemblance to that of many of the Tektons.  
What does Q mean in speaker specifications?
Do horn woofers have a Qtc?