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Cambridge Audio CD Player Has Died
Just so that I am educated on this subject, is it correct to say that a stand-alone CD player is essentially a DAC + a transport? Sorry for the remedial question.Kit 
Need Recommendations on a CD Player
Thank you for the responses. Diagnostic cost to the company's repair facility is $65 + shipping. That is my game plan at this time. However, if repair cost is prohibitive, I wanted to have a back-up plan. 
Looking for a Tuner
Thank you, guys, for the suggestions. I'll follow up! 
"Buzz" Coming Through Speakers
The audio system is plugged into a general lighting circuit. With all lights in that circuit off, the buzz persists. So a dimmer switch is assumingly ruled out.I unplugged (one by one) all of the audio/video components plugged into that circuit. T... 
"Buzz" Coming Through Speakers
I assume that you are referring to the plug on the power cord of the preamp. If so, you would be effectively eliminating the grounded prong of the plug. Correct?I am curious how this might resolve the "buzz" problem since the problem only started ... 
? Tube Replacement Question ?
Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions. This will allow me to weigh the pros & cons of my various options & to make an informed decision. Thanks again. 
? Tube Replacement Question ?
Rodman99999 makes the point that replacing all the tubes with certified low-noise tubes is "well worth the cost". Since I do not use the phono stage, is there an obvious difference in sonic quality will all low-noise tubes? 
? Tube Replacement Question ?
Considering all of the varied opinions & recommendations regarding aftermarket & NOS tubes, I am admittedly a bit reluctant to "tinker". Maybe this is my way of admitting that my audio system is more of a source of quality listening pleasu... 
? Tube Replacement Question ?
Mapman,Thanks for the suggestion. I spoke with Calvin at ARC a few minutes ago. He claims that the useful tube life in the SP16 preamp is 3K - 4K hours. I realize that this is just a rule-of-thumb, but that puts my OEM tubes over the top. Although... 
? Tube Replacement Question ?
Thank you for the responses. I noticed that by turning up the preamp volume (without anything playing), there is clearly a "hiss" coming from the right main speaker. The left side is virtually quiet, except for a soft "hum". Can't say that I notic... 
? Tube Replacement Question ?
Allow me to rephrase the above question. Since Upscale Audio is a seller (not a manufacturer), which particular brands of tubes have a first-rate reputation for low noise & sonic quality? Thank you! 
? Tube Replacement Question ?
Thank you kindly for the responses. In addition to Upscale Audio, which other manufacturers have a first-rate reputation for tube quality? 
Tubes for Audio Research SP16L
Thank you, all, for the good info. 
Audio Output Cables to Preamp
I agree. My plan is to connect the Oppo DV-980H player to the TV via HDMI. Since my Audio Research Sp-16 does not have an HDMI socket, I will use ICs from the DVD player to the preamp.ICs from Blue Jeans Cables or Monoprice have been suggested.Tha... 
Brubeck's "Time Out"
Thank you. I did check out the link, but incorrectly assumed that it was not the recording in the Masterpiece Series. Bad me.