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Brubeck's "Time Out"
Knownothing: The only Brubeck CD that I can locate in the Columbia Jazz Masteriece series is "Gone With The Wind". 
FM Tuner Recommendation
Is anyone familiar with the Sangean HDT-1? I'm sure that it's a far cry from the Magnum Dynlab tuners, but considering the quality (or lack thereof)of FM broadcast signals & my relatively remote location I really don't want to overspend. Thank... 
Surge Protection
Bar81: Point well-taken. I am trying to avoid any "conditioning" & just get additional surge protection. Shunyata claims that their Hydra & Guardian do exactly that. Anyone familiar with these products? Thank you. 
Surge Protection
Well, here is my dilemma. I primarily want surge protection for my 14B SST (& other components as well). Seems like inexpensive surge protectors are of questionable effectiveness at best. The more expensive units generally include some type of... 
Impressed with Tubes
Darkmoebius: In response to your questions.... I generally listen to jazz at moderate levels. My ears value a balance integrated sound which reproduces a live performance. An overly bright tremble or heavy bass is not desirable to me. I am leaning... 
Audio Dealers in Greater Portland OR Area
Thanks, everyone, for the leads. Here in central Oregon my options are limited. As a newbie having compiled a list of separates & speakers that I would like to audition, I am willing to travel over the Cascades. 
Best Audiophile Dealer in Greater Portland OR
Thank you for the leads. Since I have compiled a list of separates & main speakers that I would like to audition, the challenge is to find dealers that might stock these components. Living here in central Oregon, my options are limited. 
Best Source For Quality Jazz CDs?
Excellent! Thank you for the info. I'm curious...are there any particular labels or CD distributors that I should avoid because of inferior recordings?