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Ultra - smooth bookshelves $500 or under
Paradigm Atom 
What makes a high $$$ cartridge high $$$?
Another factor is the baby boomer generation. Many of us (I was born in 1958) are hugely nostalgic about our vinyl and there are millions of us. Also, we're at or near the peak of our earning potential so we can afford $5-50k turntables and $1-10k... 
Hum out of right speaker only while on analog
I had the same issue when I was using a Bellari VP129, and then a Grado PH-1. I did EVERYTHING and still I had the hum, and sometimes I would actually hear faint music, too. It was like I had some sort of weird antenna. I finally went to a Cambrid... 
budget power conditioner
Let me second, or third, or fourth, the PS audio quintet. I have two, one for the plasma and one for the stereo. Nice units. 
Phono hum
I grounded everything including from the TT to the preamp help. I bought a Cambridge 640p and magically the hum and loud pop have disappeared. I think the VPI's motor is a little too "magnetic" for the Bellari. 
Phono hum
Stringreen, Are you saying that if I just zap it with my Zerostat that will remove the hum??? 
Phono hum
Radrog,Did you disconnect the ground wire that's built into the VPI interconnect cable, the ground wire that goes from the turntables ground terminal to the phono preamp ground terminal? Or did you disconnect the ground wire that comes from the un...