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Vandersteen Model 2Ce Signature II
And I third the motion...I have had mine for 2 years now, running them with an Anthem 200 wpc solid state amp and Rogue Magnum tube pre. Great sound in a fairly large room 
Newbie needs help?
Another vote for the Cambridge...very good value. 
$300 Budget - help
What Jaybo said... 
Which songs/albums take you back to college?
Since I was in the military during what would have been my college years...1. Sanford Townsend Band2. Bob Seger-Night Moves3. Climax Blues Band-Gold Plated4. Heart-Dreamboat Annie 
Can You Live With Crackling & Popping Noise?
If you truly want to delve into vinyl and get full enjoyment, get a vacuum record cleaning machine. Most of what you've describe is the little nasties in the record grooves. Get rid of em and you'll be shocked. I have LP's that are as quiet as CD'... 
Paradigm Speakers
I second the Paradigm 60...great speaker. 
Where are you buying new vinyl?
Jpearce1b has a good point re: J&R Music World. I just bought two sealed LP's (music from the 70's and 80's) and I believe they were about $6.99 each. 
Best used analog receiver under $150?
I recently bought an HK 880vxi for the spare system and an HK 3380 for my daughter...both under $150.I had owned an 880vxi back in the 80's and was glad to see it still sounded quite good. 
Atlanta Rhythm Section best album?
One more vote for Champagne Jam. 
Grado Headphones
Here's one option...but not very inexpensive... 
New turntable recommendations I have a MM-7 now
I second the Scout. Mine replace a MMF-5se and the sound quality improvement is night and day . 
Headphone/Headphone Amps, NEED HELP
"Dog just pee'd down my pre-amp and amp so my HI FI days are over for now." CLASSIC! Thanks for the laugh.I have been running a Channel Islands VHP-2 including VAC-1 power supply with Sennheiser HD-600's for about a year now. Very nice sound but t... 
VPI JMW setup
Yep, what Stringreen said...the Mint brought out stuff in my Scout/JMW9 that I had never heard before...all good. 
Mark Knophler; recommended music??
Yep, Sailing into Philadephia is great. A little background vocals from James Taylor I believe also. 
What do I need for LP care
On the low end...the Disc Doctor manual system works great if you don't mind the extra time and elbow grease. On the more expensive and "automatic" side, you have Nitty Gritty, VPI, Loricraft and other brands of machines. I own the VPI 16.5 (new a...