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Speaker phase and timing
ditto the speaker placement measurement....if possible to within a 1/8 of inch,( toe angles ) ..... front wall to speaker- within a 1/2 if possible ....speaker placement as you know, is a BIGGY.. keep workin it, brent 
What is the best DAC ever made?
i run my ALOIA 11.01 cdp through a SCOTT NIXON DAC($600 with power supply).....not too shabby...brent 
Dac with rythmical drive to the music?
scott nixon and power supply might be up your alley..... good luck, brent 
Wich high end CD palyer?
IMO, ALOIA 11.01 CDP from Italy makes for a crazy good transport ($2500)- combine that with a SCOTT NIXON DAC and you're set...... good luck, brent 
The best CD player for...
the aloia 11.01 is pretty amazing.... the transport is crazy good and as a all-in-one cdp is one of the best.$2400