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What is it in MM that can give me goose-bumps? 🤔
@justmetoo AT ML 170 and AT ML 180 OCC have been known to make people go insane upon hearing. Not me, I was already there. My modest collection of vintage NOS MM carts from Pioneer, Argent, Sony, AT, Victor, Stanton, FR  and Grace transport me to ... 
McIntosh 402 amp channel stopped working
Turned out 2 sets of IC's went bad within two weeks of each other. Same brand. They were sent to manufacturer and brought back up to speed. I LOVE Audience.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Phoebe Snow 1974 
Acoustic Sounds Series
@alexberger yes 
Acoustic Sounds Series
@Alexberger I've got all your selections and they're so good! 
Acoustic Sounds Series
@luisma31 glad your enjoying your digital end. I love mine too. Just removed it do to all the wiring and I never use it but still love it, sounds excellent. I'd love  to access Acoustics digital library! 
Acoustic Sounds Series
Huge classical QRP selection. If there's ever an issue with any of their presses, easy return. Although, 500 now and no problems. Always quiet.  
Acoustic Sounds Series
Listening to the Hendrix QRP presses. Wow! 
How do you avoid buying new LPs that sound just like CDs?
@ihcho just keep researching reviews for the vinyl that you want. So are never going to sound good because they were never recorded well or crappy pressing. I shop a lot a Acoustic Sounds because of their in house pressing plant and a huge pre own... 
Acoustic Sounds Series
All the QRP Doors are excellent.  
How Long Did It Take You To Build Your Dream Setup?
33 years and counting. I’ve done a major overhaul 5 times and tweaked it twice. Not there yet, but close. I've enjoyed each system immensely.  System started in 1987 with Yamaha receiver, tape deck and CD player! Speakers were small, forgot the br... 
JVC tt-101 repair
@best-groove I think parts are avail. Contact JP for more insight. @chakster  might know 
JVC tt-101 repair
@best-groove JP ordered a spare JVC off eBay for a needed sensor in my TT101 repair. Mine is almost complete and ready for Miami. 
Acoustic Sounds Series
I've purchased almost my entire collection from Acoustic Sounds whether it be from the vinyl vault or from their QRP selection. I just hit 500 last week, in three years. I love Acoustic Sounds and their Quality Records Pressings! The big box arriv... 
If you could buy any system, regardless of price, what would it be?
I’m missing one key piece and I’m set. I need more juice! The McIntosh MC2KW 2000 watt mono block will do it. I’ll take two please!Current system:Piega C10 LTD’s McIntosh 402 ampMcIntosh C2200 preLuxman PD444 TTVictor TT1016 vintage tonearms and 1...