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I opened both MIT and Transparent netwks
Hi Troy,What model of the MIT and Transparent cable did you take apart? Thanks! 
BAT VK 500?
Hi Lev335,What things did the ML 335 do better than the BAT that made you switch? Does the 335 sound cool/less warm than the BAT? I haven't decided yet myself. BTW how does the Jeff Rowland Model 10 compare if you have demoed before you got your 3... 
ARC 100 Mk11or Conrad Johnson 11a?
Hi James,I saw your FS ad on the Lamm ML 1 monoblocks awhile back. Why did you sell them? What are you using now that you think is better? Thanks! 
What Comes After Dynaudio Contour 3.3?
Hi,Can the Confidence 5 disappear sonically like Audio Physic Virgos, Avalon Eidolons and other speakers who reportly do disappearing acts?Thanks! 
Dynaudio Contour vs. Confidence
Hi,Just curious, do the confidence 5 speakers dissappear like Audio Physic Virgos when set up properly? And is the soundstage low because the tweeter is mounted in the middle? Thanks! 
Power Cord Preferances
Hi Detlof,Just curious. Can you tell us what the name of the power cord your dealer friend marketed before the PC craze started?Thanks! 
What is better ML, Krell or Classe
A4s4, I thought about the Lamms but I wanted a little more power on tap and thought the price of admission was too steep. Please post your findings on how they compare. Thanks! 
What is better ML, Krell or Classe
Lev335 I am using Apogee Stage.