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Onkyo DV-SP1000 or Pioneer DV-59AVi?
Video via HDMI/DVI the SP-1000, 3910, and 59avi are very close and any one would do just fine - except the 3910 which uses the Faroudja 2310 that has "macroblocking" issues with some digital displays. Secrets of Home Theater explains this in their... 
CD player - need your opinion
Rmihai,What do you think are inside CD players that change the digital to analog??? 
Ayre CX7
Thanks, Bigtee. I was curious what the "M" upgrade/level entailed because I had just got my DX-7 back a few weeks ago after getting the "E" upgrade. 
Ayre CX7
Bigtee,What's the "M" series? Is it another upgrade? 
Any information on the new Ayre C5xe player?
The C5x-e is Ayre's first SACD/DVD-A player which is somewhat of a suprise given some comments made by Charles Hansen in the past (although notice it is 2ch only). But the addition of SACD and DVD-A didn't come at much extra cost. The comparison a... 
Any information on the new Ayre C5xe player?
Some US dealers are getting them. My dealer got 2 from what I was told; one was already sold sight unseen. I was also told that the C5x-e sounds better than the CX-7 and D1-x.