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What concerts have your kids dragged you to?
Doors -Washington Hilton - Hendrix, Ambassador Theatre, Washington.He was an accomplished pianist, organist and choir director. He was pretty open to new music. He really liked the Doors and at the end of one of the Hendrix shows, stood on a chair... 
5 CD's on your current "permanent " rotation.
1. Deep Dead Blue - Elvis Costello and Bill Frissell2. La Folia - Jordi Savall SACD3. Handel Arias - Lorraine Hunt Lieberson - SACD4. Get yer Ya Ya's out - The Rolling Stones SACD5. The Trinity Sessions - Cowboy Junkies In no particular order 
Your favorite J.S. Bach
Since I consider Bach to be an emotional 'touchstone' hardly a day goes by that I don't 'spin' Bach.The Organ WorksFantasy and Fugue in g (Newman - Richter (DGG)- Michael Murray -TelArc)The Lute Suites (Lutz Kirschoff - Sony is in the CD player in... 
Tinnitus - do you have ringing in the ears?
Worse in the morning. It got worse during a period where I neglected my exercise program. I've found that by keeping cholesterol low and by getting 4 or 5 hours a week of cardio, it is nearly gone.Yet another great reason to stay healty 
To hear what the microphones heard?
It's the reponsibility of the engineer to accurately preserve what the mics heard.It's the responsibility of the listener to provide an environment and system which allows the recording to sound like what the mics heard:Listening through a pair of... 
Girlfriends and wifes, how do YOU cope?
I don't ask what's in the Saks and Neiman's bagsI always tell her how great she looks. She doesn't ask me how much the gear costs. 
Shanling CDT-100 Great or Bad ?
I'm extremely happy with my CDT200. I intend to send it off for modification this winter. Several things that I've noticed in the 3 months that I've had it. Break-in is subtle and requires some time - mine has about 60 hours on it now. The high en... 
Need better bass from Silverline Sonata
Same issue here- I just replaced my NHT 2.9s with Sonata 1s. The NHTs do bass really well - as well in fact, as the Sonatas do the treble and midrange. Though I've only had them 2days, I spent most of the weekend tweaking placement. Placement make... 
Are you going to buy the Rolling Stones SACDs?
Just got my first - "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out".The difference is considerable even without an SACD player. I've been complaining for years that the Stones catalog needed to be remastered. The prior ABKCO CDs were nearly unlistenable.In anticipation of ... 
Dark and laid back vs bright and forward
Subjective meanings - bright or warm better describe sound to me. Forward and laid back just don't describe timbral or tonal variation to me. Initially when I started reading Stereophile in the early 90's, I thought forward and laid-back described... 
Dark and laid back vs bright and forward
Everything has been said, provided words do not change their meanings, and meanings their words. http://us.imdb.com/Title?0058898 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
1 99 Porsche Boxster standard stereo/cd, Porsche European Sports suspension owned from new.2 Same Boxster with 3.4 engine to replace the current 2.53 Same Boxster, Porsche 904 for vintage racing, Bentley Continental for nights on the town, Aston M... 
Electrocompaniet EMC1 vs. Shanling T200 Lvl 1 Mod
The early 200s apparently have a microprocessor flaw which Music Hall will repair if your friend will contact them. 
Jeff gets goosebumps from a Shanling, thanks Toby
"according to Toby is somewhat average with Redbook" Not according to those who have listened to the 200. It is apparently as good as the 100 if not better on Redbooks.We'll see next week. 
Today it would be:*Fever - Peggy Lee. Recorded in 1956 great sonics. Polygram*Bach Keyboard Partitas 1-6, Ralph Kirkpatrick, Archiv. Again- 1956. Incredible air.*Bach Organ Concerti after Vivaldi. Robert Noehren. What is it about 1956?*Duets - Rob...