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Used phono preamp options - feedback requested
Please add me to the list of folks recommending Pass Labs.  The now discontinued XP15 (which is what I have) is in your price range, is great with MC cartridges.  The XP15 does almost everything the XP25 did, except for you have dip switches on th... 
Tubed Preamp recommendations?
If you have the opportunity, check out a used Conrad Johnson ET5; it’s essentially 1/2 of the GAT1, and sells used for between $3,000 and $4,000. Add a good Telefunken tube or Siemens tube and you’ll never look back. 
Offer / counter-offer? Audiogon rules
Fishing is a tough business.  It's a big ocean and fish can be hard to find.  Once you get one on the line, get him into the boat then you're done.  Let him get away and you don't know when the next one is going to come along, and it's just as lik... 
All the brands I don't like...
You guys take the bait like a big old hungry fish, and then fuss that you hooked yourself.Erik, how is your Discman doing these days?Warm regards, 
Guest suddenly takes it upon herself to move my speakers
Please submit a photo of the subject in question and we will get back to you with our recommendation/disposition of this case.  And, put some removable painter's tape down, like the rest of us do, for when YOU get the bright idea to try and find a... 
MoFi - Are You Kidding Me?
If you autograph the sleeve, I'll give you $150 for "the fingerprint album." 
best phono stage under 10k
I would try a Pass Labs XP27 or XP17, depending on where you really want to be budgetwise (close to $5k or close to $10K).  I would talk to Reno HiFi and pick the one that you think will most closely meet your needs.  They allow for a 30 day trial... 
Eggleston Works speakers: Expensive, but are they worth the money??
I have a pair of the Viginti's in black, and drive them with Conrad Johnson ART Monoblock Amplifiers.  I listen to a wide variety of music, but really listen to classical music with piano and female vocalists; both of which sound superb on the Egg... 
Help in putting together my system with used equipment on Audiogon and eBay.
My recommendation would be to go and listen to a high end system using vinyl as a source and then using a cd transport or player as a source.  Then figure out what sound you like better and put your money into getting the best sound from that sour... 
Is it a good idea to buy CD players over 10 years old even it is a reliable brand?
No.  Never. 
Hidden Gems in Pre-Owned Solid State Power Amplifiers?
Conrad Johnson MF2550SE; 250 wpc, teflon caps, all the good stuff.  Sounds very, very close to the $20,000 to $25,000 tube amps, and are listed on Audiogon now for less than 1/2 of the original retail of $8,000.Yup, I have had both, and have selle... 
30 Amplifiers Totaling $428,740.00 In Search of Audio Nirvana
Altogether a boring read. 
Will my Krell drive a 2 ohm load?
Listen to George's reply above.  He has never steered me wrong. 
Audio Troy Capital Audio Fest the good, the bad and the ugly!
All right you guys, why did you go and make geoffkait mad?  He's a great guy and very funny and knowledgeable.See what happens when Dave and Troy say something?I wish they sounded like my tubes-- silent.Do I hear a second? 
Any thoughts/experience with Rega Aphelion or Apheta 2 MC cartridges?
I had a Rega RP6 with the Exact2 cartridge.  Pass Labs XP SS phonostage and CJ tube electronics.  I found the Exact2 to be frustratingly unlistenable-- horrible.  I am actually surprised that I didn't throw a sneaker at the turntable while a recor...