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capacitor dielectric bias
I have only seen this phenomina with high capacity ceramic capacitors, not in electrolytics. 
Actually difference between class A and AB?
Athmosphere,Not quite, the nomenclature A/AB simply denotes that the amplifier operates in Class A up to a certain power level then switches over to Class B. This switch point is determined by the bias. 
Why aren't the older members still active ?
I am a member from the very early 2000's and post only occasionally now because of all of the know it all's. There are just too many egos here on people who don't know their butts from a hole in the wall. I hold an Electrical Engineering degree an... 
Which is more accurate: digital or vinyl?
Strictly speaking in terms of accuracy I would have to say digital due to the lack of Dynamic Range in Vinyl media and the accuracy of the RIAA curves in the Phono Preamp. 
Rawson Amps
What Tim Rawson has done is theft plain and simple. Nelson Pass has let the DIY community in on his designs with the understanding that they are not to be sold commercially and used for the builders personal use. He did this because he has an affi... 
connecting a line stage + phonostage to pass amps
SeakayakerIf you look at the Aleph 5 schematic in which the RCA/XLR configuration is similar to his XA60.5. Having the connector hanging without a cable connected doesn't make much difference. All the jumper does is effectively puts a ground on on... 
connecting a line stage + phonostage to pass amps
In short, you can not plug both XLR's and RCA plug into the XA60.5 simultaneously. If you plan to use the RCA plugs there must be a shorting bar between pins 1 and 3 on the XLR input connector. If you wish to use an XLR input the shorting bar must... 
Do powercords make a difference in sound?
I have not had the guys in the Audio Club with some different cables over yet due to a business trip. Please be patient. 
component where PC does not make a difference
My Pass Labs X350 is not very power cord sensitive. 
Best rock song of all times
Frank Zappa's Peaches in Regalia 
Why 24/7 warm-up period on amps?
AtmasphereCan you tell me why it is dangerous and where it says it is not legal? 
Why has audio become so specilized over the years?
I believe quite a bit of this has been brought on by ourselves. It used to be all about fidelity. Being able to reproduce what was recorded. It has gotten away from that. Now people want to have their systems to sound a certain way without regard ... 
Low damping factor but fast& high current SS amps?
09-15-11: Kijanki"So, I believe that high DF indirectly let's us know that the amp is trending towards high bandwidth (fast) & will be capable of high current delivery (if it's power supply is able & the music signal demands it)."Damping f... 
Low damping factor but fast& high current SS amps?
09-12-11: Herman.Liguy, did you cut and paste that from a tech for dummies web site?No, I did not. I tried to explain it in the most simple terms I could. 
Low damping factor but fast& high current SS amps?
Why do you want low damping factor? The damping factor of an audio amplifier is unrelated to the slew rate or speed of the amplifier. An audio power amplifier's damping factor is defined as the ratio of the load impedance to the output impedance o...