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How does music "move" down a wire?
exactly Al. 
How does music "move" down a wire? be a little complicated for most...but read between the lines. 
DIY Balanced Cables
Its not a good idea to leave the signal wires untwisted and parallel. They should contact each other uniformely and not be allowed to contact only areas where they happen to touch. Signal tranmsission should be continuous. Lightly twisting themis ... 
open baffle speaker question
they are technically "planar" speakers 
Best budget, high current, DIY power cord wire? you have credit card with a nice credit limit? Here's what you can do...spend approx a few thousand dollars on some "really good cables". Buy a few from different vendors WITH the stipulation that you can return for a FULL REFUND. Your... 
Problems with room acoustics??
Jesus this is going to need work...Sunnyjim, you will need to place 4 inch thick traps behind the speakers in the corners, adjacent to the speakers on the walls, and somehow block the windows with a hanging rug or something that you can easily rem... 
goertz cables
Energizer...I grant you the right.Aaaaaamen! 
DIY tube pre-amp recommendation requested
Check my thread a few clicks from this one... 
Anyone Use A CD Recorder For Main Play Back?
I have a Denon studio recorder and player (2 in 1) that I use to record albums to CD. It also functions as one of my CDP's. No problems there. WOnderful sounding IMO. 
Dolby Noise Reduction: Relevant or Not?
dolby adds a certail increase in db when recording with it...then when activated on playback, it subtracts that amount. Ideally, you need a decoder if the material was recorded in dolby. Any dolby decoder will work, presuming that it is from dolby... 
Capacitance Question
let your ears decide. 
Home Depot speaker cable, which one to buy
Phil, do this. Buy a speaker cable from any well known and talked about brand...anticables as an example OR any other brand you see advertised here. Make sure it has a satisfaction guaranteed return warranty. Then get cheap wire from HD. Don¬ít the... 
Listening off grid with batteries
wow...I'm jealous. Are you out in the boonies? 
Nurse Jackie
Acoustic Zen Adagio vs. Harbeth S-HL5
Thank you for the in-depth description Fafafion. I do have some experience with the Karma 150 amps. I really love the Adagios, especially with my Gamut D200 amp.