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When to Poweroff amps and preamps
My metronome C6 preamp (with tubes) is always on “stand-by” when I don’t play. The Wavac 805: after listening:”off”. To put on your equipment: first Source, than préamp, than Poweramp. For turning off: first poweramp,than preamp an at last: the so... 
One of the Best Stereo System in the World!
What matters : his hart and soul is “music”! Enjoy it. It’s not because it’s big, it’s good. But I don’t doubt it. Nice room and system. 
has anybody else noticed this about singers?
It’s very simple: normaly, at the front, you have the singer, guitar/ piano. Back there: other Instruments:violins,orchestration,.. At the very back: drums, (percussion).. With a good recording, you hear: 3D:You Can hear where the instrument is, m... 
D'agostino amplifiers: where's the beef?
I’ve heard the d’Agostino in München with S.Faber.. nice to see, but not to hear. Very expensive for that kind of sound. It’s beautiful to see, but that’s it. I propose CH , Nagra, Soulution , Wavac !! Ear, Jadis , Jeff Rowland. Speakers: Ilumnia ... 
put tube amp on to shelf of a rack
Tube-amps need “fresh air”!!! It’s very important to put him away from other equipments.  The heat of the tubes can cause damage in this setup. Place the amp on a separate tray. You can find them on rubber wheels. ( like ebm and aewarren,..said) 
I would say: Jadis, Ear, Wavac, Metronome technologies,..tubes 35w-100w.( . I don’tunderstand, why do you prefer over 120w. in tubes? You want to play in “Pure”class A?  A (good) tube-amp. gives a very good “low”. Do you have a big room,... 
~$15K floorstanders: opinions sought
Magico, Harbeth, Monitor Audio, Epselon, Ilumnia,... (No favorite : B&W,,JBL, S.Faber,Usher, Cube) 
Can anyone recommend a good streamer/DAC?
Lumin T2’ Auralic Altair, Naïm and Aurender ! Those are the best. 
Explain what is a clean power amplifier?
Class D is “to “ clean. I miss the “emotion “ in the music. Sometimes to flat. For me, the best one is tubes pure in class A. Off course the just one piece in the whole system. A good source, préamp, dac,speakers and cables are very im... 
What do/did you do for a living?
I studied psychiatry, and work now for a Italian company as medical-pharmaceutical rep. in Belgium. Live alone and “music” is my life.:”The first, the last, my everything” My best friends ,2 brothers (Tom and Jef) build high-end speakers (Ilumnia ... 
unbeatable Class A integrated
Jadis DA50S,Ear,  Pass Aleph, Vac, Gryphon Diablo 300, Esoteric,... 
Wilson Alexia 2
Wilson is to “ cool”: flat. (Macintosh to) For more harmony, use an European or Japanese amplifier: Ear, Hegel, Air Tight, Wavac , Jadis, Spec, Leben...sound will be more holographic an open. (It’s mine opinion) 
Beryllium Tweets
Better dan the Be-tweeter is the scan-tweeter. Be.sounds “cheep”, plastic-ity, like you said. I made a proof with both of them. The “scan”-tweeter sounds more natural,more open. The beryllium laks the “clarity” in the high tones. Ribbon tweeters a... 
Dac upgrade
Best dac’s ( for me) and very”natural” are: Ear dac, Metronome Technologie C6(+),Esoteric. Chord Is okay  and MSB Discrete is to clinical. 
What's the best non-DAC streamer?
Lumin U1, U2