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Hegel H390, Lyngdorf TDAI 3400, or Naim Nova for my B&W 802D2 speakers?
I say, Hegel: he’s very good in the ratio high, mid,to low. The“natural” sound is better than the 2 others. Naïm:second. Lyngdorf is too clinical.. a blind test is the best, for rigger it out. But B&W is for me to “clinical” to: it’s not my fa... 
DAC upgrade suggestion
For the price around 1500$ : you can listen to the PS Nuwave, or (he is very good): Teac 501 or 505. Enjoy your music! Lukaske. 
DAC upgrade suggestion
If you want a “great” dac , who’s so natural, holographic, pure class: the Metronome Technologie C5: transistor; C6 : tubes or the C8: both. You can switch between tubes and transistor. Never heard such a dac before! 
Need speaker cable
First , try different  speakercables and compare. Let your ears some equipment, silver can be to shrill. For me, the best way is a copper 99,99%, in your situation.. 
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
Most beautiful speaker is the Ilumnia Magister. Scandinavian design,Made in Belgium. You can see them at: 
CD Transports
For me,the best CEC , Esoteric and Ear. Had a Luxman sacd  D-06 and he disappointed me. 
Amp Upgrade time, $6000 budget, used or new.
Jeff Rowland, airtight, Audio Note, Chord, Wavac (2hands).. 
Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?
The treatment for tinnitus,I give some explains ,that make you feel better after a while: take vitamines A and B and acetylcysteine. vit.A: gives you better vigilance. Vit.B:awakens the nervous system. Gives better contact from one nervesynapse to... 
Furutech vs Audioquest Power Cables
no doubt: the Furutech.but it depends of your gear. 
Tube Preamp with Solid State Amp?
I had an Audio Note M5 as preamp, with a Gamut 200i poweramp:it was delicious!. Now I have the Ear acute (tube) cd-payer , with the Daniël Hertz M6L as préamp (transistor) and the Wavac m805 ( tube monoblocks). As Speakers:the Ilumnia Magister. De... 
Most recordings you own by a single artist, group, or composer
Miguel Bosé , Sandie Shaw, Nils Petter Molvaer, Zucchero, Angelo Branduardi, Gilbert Becaud, Charles Aznavour, Moby, Michel Rabbia, Dusty Springfield, France Gall, Michel Berger, Sarah Brightman, T. Tikaram, Eros Ramazzotti, Madonna, Celine Dion, ... 
Magico vs the world
Ilumnia Magister, and - Vocalis. Gorgeous!! 
What country builds the best audio equipment?
An international choice: Cd: Ear acute ( UK), MSB préamp. (California,US) , Wavac 805m; monoblocks. ( Japan) , Ilumnia Magister speakers (Belgium). 
What’s the best préamp. for the Wavac 805 monoblocks
Thank you!!! You give me good advice!!! My best friend has the whole Ear system. 
Speaker recommendations 10 to 30k and no beryllium
Ilumnia Magister and - Vocalis.